Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shotguns, Rodeos & Drink Dispensers

Let's toast the New Year!  Let's toast Keely over at The Un Mom!  And finally, let's toast RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY- the best day in the whole blogging week!

* I'm looking at airfares for a sunny get-away in February.
Please, oh please let the fares drop!!!!

* I'm also looking at tickets to this
The Rodeo at the National Western Stock Show!
I'm not really a western type girl - you knew that.
But I like funnel cakes!!!!  And I like bucking broncos!

* Boy the house is quiet with Garrett and Trammell back in college and Parker back at school!

* I was talking to Trammell on the phone about his credit card.
Specifically, I was telling him to call the credit card company and check the balance - it seemed high.
Garrett got on the phone:
"Oh that balance?  It's for the new watch I bought.
It was all a part of the "throw it in the bag" mentality at Christmas.
Anyway, you'll like it.
It has unicorns and diamonds on the face.
And the guy who sold it to me said the band was made out of genuine dragon skin."


*I bought these -
Nerf Shotguns - for the boys for Christmas.
They now look like this -
sawed off Nerf Shotguns.
Parker came up to me in his coat asked: "Can you see my gun in my coat?'
Me: "Yeah, it's lumpy on your left side."
Some rearranging
"How about now?"

Why am I even participating in this conversation?

*My friend received a drink dispenser for Christmas.
It's a lovely 2 gallon cream, red and green dispenser with "Fa La La" emblazoned on it!
I would post a pic, but I can't find one.
Oh wait - here it is - being used!
Anyway, she couldn't really use it and she couldn't return it (turns out it was a 2009 model from Sam's Club).
She had it in her back hall and as we were leaving her house, Trammell spied it.
She immediately offered it to him.
I said "NO!" and pushed him forward.
He looked at it longingly.
It somehow turned up in our car.
And now Trammell's condo is complete with the 2-gallon drink dispenser.
It's full of Kool-Aid!

Here's to shot-guns, rodeos and drink dispensers!
Happy Tuesday!



MindyAnn said...

Your blog made me laugh... I needed a laugh today! The sawed off shot gun convo made me laugh the hardest!!
Happy Tuesday!

Danelle said...

And I thought I would finally rid my house of those pesky nerf gun darts when I sent my boys off to college.

Mimi said...

Skip the Rodeo! Come on up to my house! My friend that I used to go to "Fall Diddley" with sent me a funnel cake maker for Christmas! Now we don't have to go to the carnivals, rodeos, circus', and midwest craft-fairs to get what we really want...kettle corn or funnel cakes!

Julianna said...

We're all still laughing here at the shot guns... and now the kids want one. Customized of course.

Christina said...

The whole sawed off Nerf gun idea is hilarious.

Patty Edwards said...

You make me laugh!!! And fear for my future when MY boys get that age.

Stef said...

That gun is funny. Boys!!
And the drinking thing...bachelors!