Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We survived Monday!
That's about all we can ask for at this point!

So let's party with Keely!
Go on over to The Un Mom and say "HI!"

*I called one of the college boys yeserday and he answered groggily,
"Oh sorry!  I thought you had early class and would be walking up to campus right now."
"No, that's only on Tuesday and Thursday."
"Oops!  Sorry."
"No, it's okay.  I am getting up 15 minutes ago."

*Yesterday was a "delayed start" day at school because of the snow storm.
I drove Parker to school because I didn't think his car would get out of the neighborhood.
He loved the extra time with me and it was so productive because I gave him "driving in snow" tips the whole way.
"Leave yourself lots of room between your car and the car in front of you."
"Slow down way before the exit to the neighborhood because it's always icy there and you don't want to slide out into the busy road."
"Try to maintain your speed on this hill.  If you slow down here, you will never get going again.  This is where people always get stuck."
"I know."
"Yeah - didn't you learn all of this in Drivers' Ed?"
"Drivers' Ed?  No!  You don't learn anything in Drivers' Ed.  I learned all of this stuff playing VIDEO GAMES!"

*Brian and I are "trying" to plan the Pioneer Trek for 400 youth in our church.
As if there weren't enough details - like making sure no one dies along the way,
there are a lot of different personalities we are dealing with.
One of the hardest parts is that EVERYBODY WANTS to go. (Crazy!  People actually WANT to dress up on period costume and hike across Wyoming pushing a handcart in the July heat.)
People call every day and beg us to "put them on the list."
The problem is that we will be on government land and the Bureau of Land Managements has limits as to how many people can be on that land each day.
The limit is 400.
Do you see the problem?
So if we JUST took the 400 teenagers and no adults (are you laughing your head off at that image?),
we STILL wouldn't have enough room for the cooks and the nurses etc. much less chaperones.
It's sticky.
We're working it out.
The other day I said to Brian, "Wow, this is so hard.  I mean, I can see how this situation can lead people to be offended or have hurt feelings."
Brian: "Past that."
Me: "And because people don't know all the details, I can see how there can be misunderstandings and people could get angry and upset and go inactive and never come to church anymore."
Brian: "Almost there."
It's then it clicked for me - "I'm not talking about YOU!"

Okay.......I know I have talked about this everyday.
But Garrett gets his mission call any day now!
We've been preparing and waiting and anticipating this for 19 years.
I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach.
I am near tears every time I even think of it! <- those are tears of joy, anticipation, overwhelming gratefulness, amazement, and missing him when he's not even gone yet.
YES! I will tell you where he is going when we find out!
I will be shouting it from the rooftops.
Seriously, Thursday should be the day.

So with that -Have a FaBuLouSLY RaNDoM TueSDaY!


VandyJ said...

From Wyoming and the area where you will be is hot, dry and not really that much fun in the summer time. Windy too.

Danelle said...

I might go inactive just hearing your stories about planning the trek.;) I hope Thursday is the day!

Lauren Billat said...

Funny - my husband asked me last night if I wanted to be a Ma. School is starting that week for my younger kids so no go but it sounds like you will have plenty of volunteers. ;)

My son got his mission call on a Thursday at BYUI. Can't wait to hear!

Mama Badger said...

How is Garrett feeling right about now? We're all waiting ot hear, but no one more than him, I bet.

Stacy Uncorked said...

400 teenagers and no adults? Yep, I was laughing... ;)

Ooooh! Hope Thursday is THE day for the call!! On pins and needles! :)

RTT: FedEx, Renovations, Snow

Julianna said...

No worries... I'm all set with not being on THAT list. :)

400 teens and no adults? Do the buzzards circle the carniage at the end?

Seriously... can't wait to find out where he's going. I hope it comes tomorrow, I'm home all day, so I'll be checking in...

Run DMT said...

400 teens? I couldn't get past that image. ;-) Good luck with your son's call.

Captain Dumbass said...

Learned if from video games, ha! If we are ever invaded by aliens bent on our enslavement I'm totally prepared.