Friday, January 7, 2011

Kind of like "Where's Waldo?" but BETTER!

We made it!
We survived the first we back to school!

I mean, I didn't have to go to school, but the three vampires who spent two weeks going to bed at 2 and 3 am and getting up at half past high noon all survived!

And it looks like Mrs. 4444 survived too!  Go on over to Half Past Kissin' Time and give her a little love!!!
* There is a lot of excitement around our house as Garrett waits impatiently to find out WHERE he will serve his 2 year mission for our church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Let's start a blog-friend guessing contest -
One bloggy friend guesses Las Vegas.
One bloggy friend guessed Africa.
My SIL who went on a mission to Japan is hoping for.....Japan!

There are 350 missions around the world.
Go ahead and guess!

* Every day, Brian tries to convince me to come "hang out" at his office.
He tries to tell me that I can "help."
Not appealing.
He tries to lure me there with donuts.
That usually works.

As far as helping, I'm useless.
One time, he asked me to go through reports, copy certain pages, staple them and file them.
Somehow, I got a paper cut and bled all over the pages, necessitating recopying everything while sucking on my finger.

* Just want to report in that my Christmas decorations are NOT put away.
I did take down the garland on my stairs.
All the garland and ribbons and beads and balls are lying all over the entry hall floor.

Everything WILL be put away and the house will be back to semi-normal by next Thursday when there will be a baby shower here.
Wait - maybe the mom to be WANTS a red and gold themed shower!
THAT'S an incentive.

* The airfares didn't come down,
but I booked a mid-February trip somewhere warm.
It's a BUSINESS trip.
Even though, I just told you why I can't do business,
I get to go along!

* I miss my brothers.
You know what would be cool?
If my brothers all lived on my same street and I could just wander up and down the street visiting them.
Oh wait!
I do have one brother who lives two houses away.
I interrupt their lives all the time!

Have a Happy Friday!


martyeaster said...

I say that we get to guess one foreign and one state side destination. Foreign I guess Spain, and State side I guess California. I dont want to be more specific then that because I want to be right! I cant wait to hear!

Rachael said...

I'm going to guess Madrid Spain, the best mission in the world! I think a certain brother of yours would agree with me.

beemii said...

I like the idea of Japan=)

EmptyNester said...

My decorations are still up as well. I am in a low motivation mode right now. I wish my brothers lived closer to me also! Especially the one closest to my age, we've always been best friends!

Shirley said...

I'll guess Florida or one of the Eastern European countries. (How's that for covering my bases?)

I wish my brothers lived closer too. I'm lucky if I see them once a year and that's not enough.

Paula said...

Don't know if the church takes into account that it's cheaper to send someone to a country where they already know the language, but Spanish could be useful even in Miami, NY, any place in the Southwest. Between that and all the spanish speaking countries of the world, I'd say it's wide open. Quebec isn't likely, though! I'll bet against that one!

Guymons said...

Russia, Germany, or Barcelona Spain. Russia, cuz that would just be too cool....Germany because he's so smart, he could learn German easily...and Barcelona because Cameron, Melanee's boyfriend, is coming home from there this summer, they will have an opening for a new missionary...haha! I hope he goes to Canada because of my new love for Hockey and hockey originated (or so they say) in Canada, and almost ALL of the NHL guys, including Sidney Crosby, are from Canada....oops, did you say we could chose 4 places, haha. One of them might be right!!! (MIGHT)

missty said...

I say Spanish anywhere. Seems like that is how they are going now days. (nephew is in spanish speaking - canada mission) Not french, but yes Spanish.

In the states - Southern state - Spanish speaking.

Or One of the Eastern Europe countries - close to where Tramill went. We know 3 siblings all went E. Europe.

who forgot her google password. lol

Danelle said...

Is there a prize if we guess the mission call right? Well, I'll guess anyway. Texas!

Mama Badger said...

I vote for South America. Somewhere warm for you to visit.

Lauren Billat said...

Well, out of loyalty to my own missionary son, I guess California, Los Angeles Spanish Speaking! It's a complete cultural immersion with the benefit of mailing packages that actually get there unopened. ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

Donuts would lure me everytime :)

My brother lives about 4 miles away & I love it... just because my nieces are so close... my brother, I can take him or leave him ;) haha!!

Julianna said...

I'm going with New England. Then he could come here for dinner, unless he's going to play fire tennis. Then he'd have to stay for luunch AND dinner. :)

I bought a house 1/2 mile from my sister's house, two months later, she moved 40 minutes the house I was living in.

Think she's trying to tell me something?

Unknown Mami said...

I can't believe you didn't get workman's comp for that paper cut.

Raven said...

I'd be useless at the office too. I don't have the proper chromosomes for copying and filing. ;)

I can't wait to find out where Garret is off to!

My holiday decorations are still up too. I think I'll leave the snowmen up till spring but take down all the Christmasy stuff.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Lewis Family said...

I'm late to the guessing game, but I think Brazil, France or Australia. Can't wait to hear! Oh- maybe Rome? How cool would it be to serve with his grandparents? ~Emily