Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let Me Make It Easy For You: Nerf Guns & Peter Rabbit

Oh yeah!  We survived Monday (barely).  And it's time to celebrate.  Let's celebrate with a cupcake and some RaNDoM!  Thanks to Keely for sponsoring the three ring circus of minds over at The Un Mom.
Git on over there and join in the fun.

* Yesterday was fun.  I went and had my annual mammogram.  Woohoo!
I use the term "annual" loosely.
We usually go get them in November.
We = my friend, Margaret and I.
We go together, get it done and go to lunch.

Margaret decided we shouldn't go in November because "Who wants to recieve bad news right before the holidays?"
A little fatalistic?
My response, "Yeah, but bad news is bad news.  Is there ever really a good time to get bad news?"
Margaret: "Yeah, January! Because by next Christmas you'll either be cured or dead."

I feel much better!

* How sad is it that Jack Lalanne died?
You don't know who he is?
The "Godfather of Fitness"
He was a fixture in American households in the 70's!  When you go to the gym and get on all those tortuous machines?  He invented half of those!
Sadly, he died the other day.
Okay, he was 96 and lived a full, healthy, wonderful life.  It can't be that sad.
But I really do remember my mom exercising to his TV show in the mornings when I was little....really little.

* In the "Why do I waste my breath" category -

Me: Don't forget to clean your room.
Parker: "I know.  It's on my list of priorities."
Me: "Your list of priorities? You have a list?"
Parker: "Yeah.....it's my LAST priority, but it's on there."

* I took the pads off my dining room table.
The "Party Season" is officially OVER!

The pads and assorted tableclothes, glitter corn, candles, ornaments, pom poms etc. have graced the table since early November.
It's time to close that room down and take a nap.

* I just received this email this morning:
"REMINDER: Your stay at the - - - - - hotel in Cancun starts Tuesday, February 8th."

Like I would have FORGOTTEN!
Good one!

* Looking at key words that bring people to my blog,
the top two searches are

What is wrong with people?
I hope people aren't entering both search terms at once!

Have a great, super-duper TueSDaY!


allstarme said...

That would be pretty funny if they were searching for those at once; someone obviously has a rabbit issue and wonder if Nerf guns are the answer!

VandyJ said...

Just a bit jealous of the trip to Cancun. Yeah, how would you forget that? Have a great Tuesday!

missty said...

Priorities? LOL Uh huh.

And enjoy Cancun! Make sure to facebook about it, or send a photo or two. On the 8th I will be flying from South Carolina down to meet Matt in Orlando - I hope its warm.

Matt will be flying into Orlando on the 8th - with a layover in DENVER in the morning. Wave to him if you see him. lol


Mama Badger said...

well, at least he has priorities, right?

Sad that party season is over. Sigh.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I love your friend's attitude about the mammograms!
Yeah, I can totally see how a trip to Cancun could just slip your mind. For sure!
PS Don't forget to pack ME!

Danelle said...

I think I'll start scheduling my annual exams in January. I actually went in November last year and afterwards started worrying about getting bad news before the holidays. And my husband thought I was the only woman who thinks this way!

Stacy Uncorked said...

It's amazing what crazy searches will bring (the crazies) to your blog... ;)

I love Margaret's reasoning about the 'when' for a mammogram - hilarious! :)

Ohhhhhh! Cancun! My brother and his wife are there right now - so now I'm jealous of them and now you. ;) Have FUN!!! Yeah, like you have to be convinced to do that... ;)

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