Saturday, August 27, 2011

Did To! Did Not!

We DID go up to Beaver Creek this weekend.
We DID NOT take any pictures.

We DID take the camera,
but I DID NOT ever want to cart it around.

We DID drive Brian's car with Trammell driving his fully loaded, ready to go to school car following us.

Brian's car DID break down along I-70.
A tow truck came and got Brian's car and took it to the dealership back in Denver.
One of Brian's employees DID go to our house and get my car and bring it to us up in the mountains.

We DID have a great time hanging out together!

We DID go bike riding down the ski slope.
I DID NOT..........remember what happened LAST time I did that?
Yeah, that was three weeks ago and I am STILL having headaches.

But three of us mountain biked.
And only two of us flew over the handlebars and rolled down the hill.
We DID NOT have any serious injuries, concussions or even require bandaids.

We DID buy this -
ridiculous Wolf Head Hat.

We DID eat delicious food.
We DID watch movies.
We DID sit around eating chex mix and caramel corn.
We DID tease each other and laugh uncontrollably.
We DID stay up late and sleep in.

We got up this morning and after breakfast, we hit the road.
We headed east on 1-70 back to Denver
and Trammell went THE WRONG WAY!
He headed west on I-70 back to college.
We DID NOT get enough time with him!


Julianna said...

I love your Do's and "Don'ts".

I did get married on Friday.

I did post some pictures.

I did not plan on a hurricane coming to New England.

I did have left over wedding cake for dinner.

I did not plan on the airport closing and having to reschedlue my honeymoon.

I do not think I will ever like the name Irene. Ever. :)

Paula said...

Oh dear Julianna! I thought getting ready for hurricane and worrying about the young one down in the direct path in MD was bad! You win!

Stef said...

I like your do's and don't's too.
Sounds like a grand old time. All I did this weekend was soccer, football, clean, play, think about ditching church...I didn't, but I did think about it.

Donna said...

That sounds like it was really fun. Your injury from a few weeks ago looks horrible! Ouch! It would take me awhile to be brave enough to go biking again after something like that!