Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome to the World Sweet Baby!

It's RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY!
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It's never too late to join in on the fun!

Yesterday was BEYOND exciting at our house!

* It was Parker's FIRST day of his LAST year of school.
"Mom, why do always take 1st day of school pictures by the front door when we don't even go out the front door to go to school."

Yeah....I don't know why we do that.  BUT, we won't EVER do it again!

* THAT wasn't the most exciting part of the day though. The MOST exciting thing that happened yesterday is that my sister-in-law Stephanie went from carrying this -
(the belly - not the ball)
 to carrying this -
Johnna Justin was born yesterday all 7 lbs 11 ozs and 20 inches of cuteness.  Those brothers are going to LOVE her!!!!  Yea for Stephanie!!!  One thing that has helped us all get through the last few months since my brother's death is the knowledge that while he has not been here with us, he has been with sweet Johnna helping her get ready to come to earth.  I can't help but wonder if he isn't a little bit sad and lonely right now.

* In just minutes, Trammell is going to hop into his car and start the LONG drive from his summer job in Arkansas home. Yea!!!  He gets to spend two days with us before he returns to Utah to resume school on Monday. Boo!!!

* Last week, Brian and I spent an exciting night in the ER.
My brother (the ER doc) had called ahead and talked to the local ER doc and told him we were on our way and what to look for.
The ER doc chose to discount that and not do an ultrasound.
We came home with no answers.
Brian's regular doctor ordered an ultrasound.
The results came in yesterday -
Lo and behold............gallstones.
Just what my brother thought.
What do you know????
Brian has an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow to schedule gallbladder surgery.
Thank you stupid ER doctor for wasting our time and money.

* Are you ready for Skirtember?
Come on!  It will be fun!!!!
There is a Facebook group of friends and strangers who are going to wear skirts the entire month.
You can join.
It's open to anyone.
You don't have to wear a different skirt everyday......just a skirt.
Join in!!!!

Well, that's enough nonsense.
There is plenty to do around here.


Dawn said...

Oh Gina, she is so cute! And I'm sure a very happy but bittersweet day for your family as well.

Tiny Baby is not so tiny anymore; High school senior, how'd THAT happen?

I'll just cheer you all on from the sidelines for Skirtember - skirts + manufacturing are, in fact, mutually exclusive.

Have a great one!

Laura said...

Yay! for Johnna Justine! So happy she is here and healthy!

Skirtember sounds so fun! Do dresses count too?

Anonymous said...

Gallstones? Ugh. I hear those are awful :(

Danelle said...

Johnna is beautiful Gina! Just beautiful. And I had to laugh at the first day of school photo because we always do ours on the front porch too, and we never use the front door either.

Kristine said...

Johnna is gorgeous!!! I love freshly baked babies!!!!

Rachael said...

I still can't wrap my head around that Jared is a doctor! CRAZY!
Congrats Stephanie!!!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, my heavens, I just had to go back and read about Justin, I am so sorry for your loss and for your sister-in-law, and look at the beautiful legacies he's now looking over. Your new niece is beautiful and it sounds like your s-i-l has a great support system.

Erin said...

Beautiful baby!
Also, I had to laugh about Skirtember. I literally just decided to start wearing skirts with more frequency and wrote a post encouraging others to do the same (http://isaacanderin.blogspot.com/2011/06/join-movement.html) and now I'm going to have to post all about my adventures in skirting during Skirtember! What a great idea!

Andrea said...

Ooooh, bless that sweet baby!

Hmmm...I have thrown a skirt around here and there this summer without inducing illness to those around me (that I know of)...maybe chicken legs are vogue right now and I didn't realize it! That sounds like fun---and then I can say I have something going on when the kids go back to school! (overachiever, I know!)

Maryanne said...

Thanks for posting a picture, I haven't wanted to bug Stephanie, so I hadn't seen the gorgeousness yet. Oh, I love her already.

Julianna said...

Can't wear skirts to work. Sorry.

She is beutiful. (The baby not the bowling ball)

I am so happy for your family.


Donna said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new niece! I hope she brings her family much peace and happiness.
I love skirts and can't stop buying them, so I LOVE the idea of "Skirt-ember!" I might just do that!

Andrea said...

Congratulations Auntie! That's a pretty beautiful baby.

Thor despises having his picture taking. He said he didn't care if I thought someday he might want to look back and reflect on himself as a child (direct quote...)

I bribed him. I said for every ten minutes of pictures, I'd pay him $1. Of course he said yes. He has toys to buy and toys matter more than pictures. Oi!

Rachel M. said...

Skirtember, that sounds like fun!

Monica Miller said...

Skirtember! I love skirts, but I got my fair share of em on the mish!!