Friday, August 12, 2011

Go Big or Go Home

There is a "big" longboarding race in our area this weekend.

Parker signed up.
He's not a racer.
He's more into tricks.
So, I have to question "why?"
But I'm used to asking that question.

Parker: "Oh yeah.  There are two categories.  There are the professionals........."
Professional longboarders?  "Professional"  is reserved for doctors and lawyers....and maybe some athletes who actually get paid enough to support themselves...........not just buy a sticker for their helmet.

Parker: This is big!  It's my first big race.  It's serious."
Me: "Serious?  More like ridiculous!"
Parker: "The professionals are racing for a cash prize."
Me: "What?  Like $50?"
Parker: "I don't know.......the entrance fee is $2 and the winner gets half of all the money collected."
Me: "So $50.  Oh and you aren't even a racer."
Parker: "I know, but I got this. I'm racing with the amateurs not the professionals."
Me: "Oh. Wow.  I feel so much better."
Parker: "The top five get prizes.  I'll come home with something."
Me: "Yeah.....a broken arm."
Parker: "No. This is legit.  This is real.  I mean,'Go big or go home.'  And the ER can be considered a home."

At least I'm not the only the house on the block with idiots.
My nieces and nephews are also killing themselves racing on Saturday.
My SIL: "Xan, you need to really think about this.  You are leaving for college in a few weeks.  Do you really want to go with a broken arm?"
Xan: "Think of how many people I could meet with a broken arm!"

Yep - idiot runs in the blood!

PS: You guys are GOOD guessers!  Parker cashed in a whopping $185 worth of coins.
I came home with $615.89.  Youhave to realize that I don't actually "collect" coins, go through pockets or empty my change purse into a jar.  If I run across coins around the house, I just throw them into this container.  When the container is overflowing, I take some out.  Oh....our bank does not accept rolled coins.  I don't know why.  Whatever.  Anyway, the closest guesser was Danelle over at Outnumbered with $527.38 or 83...whatever.  Go over and congratulate her, give her a fist bump and a cyber cupcake!

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Guymons said...

I thought you wanted us to guess the amount of yours and Parkers coins actually, I was closest! lol