Wednesday, August 3, 2011

QUICK!  Brian is pulling out of the driveway!
Yeah, we've been home from the pioneer trek for half a second.
I cleaned up the sharpies and buck knives and did most of the laundry.
We're leaving right now as in RIGHT NOW for his sales meeting in Beaver Creek.

But just let me say this! -
Today is our 27th wedding anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!
If I get time later (ba ha ha), I'll play along with LeighAshley and her Wee Bit of Me.
But............he just went out the garage door and the car is running!


Andrea said...

LOL! You make me laugh. Happy Anniversary! Have a great trip!

Mama Badger said...

Happy Anniversary. Another 27 years of craziness is probably the best wish I could make for you, huh?