Thursday, August 11, 2011

Money, Money, Money

Parker has been bugging me for a few months days to take him to the bank to "cash in" his coins.

He has a lot.
So we didn't want to just go to the grocery store and use their CoinStar machine.
It charges some outrageous percentage like 7%.
Our bank has a counting machine........but only in SOME branches.
And they won't count coins on Monday or Friday.
I hate to inconvenience them!

So we were hanging out the other day and I could either clean the house or load up the coins and go to the bank.
We chose the bank.
MY coins were already organized.
Parker needed to dump his from his two containers into a bag.
Then he needed time to sweep them up and put them in a new bag after the first one broke all over the laundry room floor.

I could not lift my coins.

They would all fit into the bag, but the bag was way to heavy.  I had to resort to the tote bag AND a backpack but I still couldn't lift the bag.  Okay, I'm not a weakling, but I couldn't lift the bag AND carry it AND not whine.

Parker volunteered to carry the bag.
Okay, I made him and then he said he was charging me a 2% fee.

Parker insisted we look around for suspicious cars at stoplights.
And he scouted out the bank parking lot for anyone who looked like they would hold us up.
We waited for the 80 year old man to back out of the parking lot before getting out with our bags and backpack.

Even though the bank was empty and we were the only customers in the place,
I don't think they were too excited to count our coins.

Guess how much we had!!!
I'll give you a hint -
I had more than 3 times what Parker had.
I've been stashing the cash for about 5 years.

Go ahead!  Guess!
And like Parker, the winner does NOT get 2%.


martyeaster said...


Guymons said...


Missty said...

hmmm, 5 years, I am going to say - 1500.00
This past after Christmas sale I bought one of those nifty change sorters at Macys. I bought it for I think $13.00, regular price $80.00! I don't think so. lol Its nice wood and all, but not $80.00 nice. lol
So now when I have around 50-60 in rolled coins I just take it in. And thats heavy! I can't imagine yours!

I told our boys once they could have my change - it was a few hundred - I was shocked! lol

Lauren Billat said...

$1988 - the year I was married. ;)

Danelle said...

$527.38--I hope the winner gets something because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be right on with that guess! Regardless, it was obviously a better choice than cleaning house.

Andrea said...


Andrea said...

$450 bucks! That would make a nice chunk of change for cupcakes, doughnuts, shoes, movie popcorn...

Julianna said...


And I'll take my reward in paper cash form, Thanks.


Patty Edwards said...

I believe that if you get a gift card from Coinstar there's no fee.