Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Growing Up and Going to School

Everyone is talking about school supplies, backpacks, earlier bed times and going back to school.
Not us!
School doesn't start until next week!
We have plenty of time to prepare.

So I'll kill some "free" time by playing along with Stacy - the Queen of Random

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AFTER hanging out here for awhile!

She has some awesome and exciting stuff going on!

* The deadline for senior pictures is creeping closer.
The whole rest of the Class of 2012 has already had their pics taken and posted on Facebook.
No one around here cares enough to even select a photographer.
I used to care!  But now, I just can't drum up any caring.
Luckily, I am not alone

Me: "So who do you want to take your senior pictures."
Parker: "No one."
Me: "Are you going to get your hair cut?"
Parker: "Probably not."
Me: "Well, then, how are you going to wear your hair?"
Parker: "Not careingly."

* Parker: "I have to go up to the school sometime and fix my schedule."
Me: "Why what's wrong with it?"
Parker: "I don't have enough off hours.  The one I have is one that we are required to have off so we can have our Leadership Officer meetings. So, I need another off."
Me: "No.  You don't need anymore off hours."
Parker: "Yes I do."
Me: "No, I want you to stay at the school.  I don't need you lounging around here during the day."

* Music moves me.
When I am in the house going about my business, I am just fine.
When I get in the car, I hear a song on the radio and I get all nostalgic and misty eyed.

Yesterday, I heard a love song (well, as loving and romantic as a hip hop song can be) and I drifted off onto an imaginary dance floor thinking about Trammell and his future bride. (He's not even dating anyone right now!)
Would this be a good "first dance?"
No I guess not.
Hmmm....what will he and I dance to?
And then I started crying because I missed Trammell and couldn't believe that he was so old and grown up and could potentially get married in the next few years.
There I was crying like a baby....
and for good measure, I cried about missing Garrett and missing my brother.

But then I went back to wondering what song Trammell and I would dance to..........probably something by Lil Wayne.

* Trammell's not THAT grown up.
Trammell: "No way!  Parker won a longboard?  Tell him to give me one of his old boards."
Me: "No. You don't need to longboard.  You're 22 for heaven's sake. That's the last thing you need. You're grown up."
Trammell: "You're not grown up until you shave everyday and I only have to shave once a week."

At this rate, he'll never be a grown up!

* Well, I'm off.
I have two crock pots of baked beans going, three pounds of pasta marinating for pasta salad and there are several melons just waiting to be cut up.
Tonight is my brother and sister-in-law's Going Away Party for an intimate group of 150.
There's a little cooking needing to be done.
I better get on it!

Have a great Tuesday!


Andrea said...

Love the ?not caringly" hairstyle plan---now I know what to call my own!

Anonymous said...

My oldest starts Pre-K on the 22nd and I'm glad because I am not *quite* done with that school supply list. :) Happy RTT.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I get like that sometimes. Songs, commercial, and everything on the Lifetime network makes me cry.

I am Harriet said...

I made the mistake of running to Walmart for dog food today. It was packed with back to school shoppers.

Have a great RT!

Julianna said...

"An intimate gatehering of 150."

Hmmm. Let me think.



I got nothing.

Captain Dumbass said...

"Not careingly." I like Parker

valerie said...

Oh yes, I can totally see you dancing to Lil Wayne at the mother/groom dance. Very classy! lol Good luck with the cooking!

Danelle said...

I can't drum up any caring either--especially about hair! Good to know I'm not the only one. ;)

Sally said...

Loved the post - but when I got to the part about Jenner and Meridith having their going away party, I got misty-eyed. Praying for you as you will miss that crazy gang so much! You and your family have undergone too many changes this year - enough already, God!!! So glad he gave ALL of us a good sense of humor!!!