Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday - Make it Go Away!

It's Monday.
I got up far earlier than I intended to, but I wanted to see if Garrett was online in Romania.
And he was.
We exchanged a few quick emails before he got down to business and wrote his usual weekly email.
He's doing awesome!

But this isn't about him.
This is about me.

Does anyone else freak out on Monday because you kind of mentally lump the WHOLE WEEK into Monday and you can't believe how much there is to do and you panic and work your behind off, until finally around noon, you realize that you've gotten A LOT done and NOT EVERYTHING has to be done today?

You can take a breath now after that sentence.  But that's how I feel.

I'm looking for something that I can put caramel sauce on for breakfast..........besides ice cream.

You should see the bruises on my left leg.  You've seen the scabs, but you should see the bruises.

Why does school need to start next week?  Can we please have one more month?
I have done nothing fun this summer.......unless you count last week's bike crash/concussion.  Beaver Creek was fun.

Oh wait!  School doesn't start until the 22nd.  We have an extra week!
I'll still take the extra month.

Well, I won't bore you with all the things that need to get done.
I'll just go dip my finger in the caramel sauce and get started!

Happy Monday!


Guymons said...

Hope your bruises and scabs heal very quickly!!! Our schools here in Chico start ON WEDNESDAY....remember the teacher troubles we had with BOTH kids last year??? I think extra care was put into matching them with better teachers for their needs this time, so I'm excited for school to start! This is the last Monday of summer for us, but I have to babysit and my dad is coming over (that means extreme house cleaning before he gets here!). I am getting to the age that I need to start making "to do" lists so I don't spend my Mondays trying to remember what I have to do during the week!!! Glad you get e mails on Monday!!!! That's thrilling, I'm sure!!!

Andrea said...

Well, it's past lunch time now, but apples with the caramel for breakfast tomorrow! Happy Healing!

Julianna said...

caramel apples are always good, but I also like it in my cocoa. :)

Seriously... the summer went by all too quick.