Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh.....I Forgot to Mention

Mondays mornings are always exciting around here.
Monday is the day that we get an email from our favorite missionary in Romania!

But we learned with Trammell that if you find out about what time they get on the computer and do a little math, you might be able to "catch" them on the computer and have a little email chat.

This morning, when I woke up, I typed a quick "Are you on?"
He responded, "Yeah - I'm typing my letter to you guys right now."

I typed, "Are you starving?  Are you healthy? How is your companion?"

Evidently, I should have asked these questions WEEKS ago
because here is his response -

"No im not starving, I eat alot because its so high energy. I'm healthy as well. I have stayed the pretty much the same weight the whole time.

My companion said I shouldn't share the story but if Tram told the story about getting bit by a scorpion, I can tell you about the second week here.

So there are A LOT of dogs in Romania....but they are all street dogs and are not agressive at all.
BUT.....We were contacting up a steep hill and on our way to one of the last doors, as we came over a hill, completely exhausted. A drunk man came out yelling "stay, stay, stay!"  Behind him, were 3 vicious dogs that he threw rocks at to keep them away from us. We stayed frozen just as he said. When he came up to us, we told him who we were and he sent us on our way.

We were trying to scamper out of there when I felt a nibble on my heal. I was positive it was nothing because it didn't hurt. Once we got to a safe area I lifted up my pant and checked under the sock and there was a tiny spot where the skin was broken..... meaning I got to start getting Rabies treatments just to be safe. My last shot is the 30th, that being the 5th shot.

The scary part wasn't so much the rottweiler or whatever dogs, but the freaky hospital for infectious disease. :) yeah...... well that was a great story."

It's a good thing the rottweiler didn't kill him because I AM GOING TO!!!!!!!!!


Danelle said...

"Freaky hospital" is never a term you want to hear from your missionary. I've actually heard about those dogs in Romania. A guy from another ward in Ft. Collins has been in Bucharest doing flooring in the US embassy (I know, weird) and his wife was telling me all about the dogs the other day. Crazy! I would tell him to keep an on Garrett for you but he's coming home this week.

Danelle said...

Keep an "eye" on Garrett is what I meant to say....I woke up too early this morning!

Stef said...

Yikes. Probably a good thing that he told you this now rather than before. But a good story, nonetheless. For him. Not for a Mom.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

*sigh* Boys!! Girls would be calling us immediately. Boys, it's an afterthought.
I'm sure any injuries are worn as badges of honor, too.
I'm glad he's ok!

Julianna said...

I'd say that's a boy thing, but I do it too.

I'll be talking with Almost Hubs and he'll be like... "Um Hello? You have court tomorrow with the ex? Don't ya think that's kind of important?"

And I'll be like... "Um, Oh, yeah... by the way..."

Andrea said...

How many TIMES MUST WE TELL THEM to start a letter with Don't freak out Mom, I'M FINE

Geesh kids!