Saturday, August 20, 2011

Don't You Need to Stay at Work?

The other day, Parker and I went to lunch with Brian.
Brian will no longer be invited least not until we align our parenting goals.

Brian: "So Parker, how is it going with the ladies."
Parker: Quickly sticks sushi in his mouth, "Mmmmm....hmmmm..."
Brian: "Word on the street is that things are looking good with Drusilla*"
Parker: "Oh really?  What street?"
Brian: "THE street.  I hear things."
Parker: "Yeah, I guess."
Brian: "Well.....what's taking so long?  Close the deal."

I HAVE to step in
Me: "Whoa! Wait!  No!  There will be no deal closing!
We DON'T need a girlfriend around here!  What are you saying?
REMEMBER, Parker is going to go out with LOTS of different friends."

We change the topic to something school.
I'm SURE we're on the same page o this one.

Me: "Aren't you excited? It's your senior year!  Make the most of it!  I think you should have fun.  Participate in everything.  Go to lots of events.....really get involved."

As if being in student leadership, planning Homecoming, being a Flagboy at every football game and playing lacrosse isn't being involved.

Brian is doodling on his chopstick wrapper.
He holds up the wrapper and it says:
"Just say NO!"

Brian: "Who needs school?  I mean, why are you even going?  You could just go to college now. You could quit.  You could drop out."
Parker: "Yeah, I'm with Dad.  Seriously..."
Me: "What is wrong with you two?"

Who said that dining as a family makes ALL the difference?
Who said that eating together is BONDING and helps cement values?
Who did THAT study?  They sure didn't study us!

We will no longer be eating as a family.  It undermines my hopes and dreams!

*Name has been changed to protect this poor, sweet girl.


Ashli Dardenne said...

I'm so glad to hear that the girl's name had been changed. I was getting a bit worried that someone had named their daughter Drusilla. Isn't that one of Cinderella's wicked step-sisters?

Rachael said...

Oh thank goodness thats not really her name! Phew!!!
Brian's funny!