Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Can Play By the Rules!

Today is Parker's third day of school.
He's missing half of it.
And he's missing ALL of the fourth day of school.

We are going as a family (okay, minus Garrett, since he's in Romania) to the mountains.
This is the only time we get to spend with Trammell all summer - the next 2 days.

So, I called the school to excuse him from school.
There are new rules.
IF you are excusing your child from school EARLY,
your student must bring a NOTE to the office in the morning.
You cannot just call the school and leave a message on their "Attendance Line."

A lot of days, we don't know if Parker is going to miss school.
Sometimes he goes and the German teacher says, "Come on kids, you are going to sit in the theater and hang out while I assemble sets for the school musical."
On those days, Parker suddently has an appointment.

If he gets to class and there is a last minute substitute who says, "Sorry, your teacher isn't here.  You can just work on homework," then he suddenly has appointment.

He calls.  I say "Yea" or "Nay" and we go from there.
If I said "Yea," then I call and excuse him.
But I am a rule keeper.
I can play that game!

I just gave these to Parker to keep in his car.

Yep - Parker will have a little note in his car for each period.  If he suddenly has to miss class for "an appointment," we're golden.


Andrea said...

I refuse to tell my children about this. They are just going to have to talk to their Auntie Gina. ;)

Andrea said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Kimberly said...


We have an exchange student this year, and he is at the public school. I just spent an hour in the offices trying to figure out schedules and how absences work and I can't call, I have to send a note, and when and how for what type of misses..... This is hif first full day, yesterday was a 2/3 days. Anyway, I am already fed-up with dealing with the school. Homeschoolers really are not all that patient. esp me.

Rachael said...

What a great mom you are!!!!!!!

Julianna said...

Now I, would have never used those notes.

My brother on the other hand....

well, let's just say it's good my Mom never wrote them.

Patty Edwards said...

My senior year, I just signed the 'signature card' for my mother. Made it easier to sign my own notes. I mean, seriously, I graduated 3rd in my class, what was the problem. And besides, I was 18 for a lot of the year, so as an adult, why did my mommy need to sign for my absences?

valerie said...

lol That is brilliant!

mmsocal said...
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