Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Some ideas are just bad..........and not just on Tuesday


Even in chocolate brown.
The only thing worse than a velour sweatsuit is a velour sweatsuit with “Juicy” or “Cheer” or “Pink” across the butt.

What are these little words supposed to tell us? Your butt is juicy? Your butt is pink? We should cheer when we see your butt?
Yeah, I don’t get it.
Font size
You know how I feel about this one.
You have to buy cute shoes. You have to buy a whole new exercise wardrobe (not including velour sweats.)
Then you sweat. You get injured. You use up your knees, your shoulder, even your heart. You have surgery, go to rehab and while you are doing all of that, you can’t exercise, so you put all the weight back on.
It’s really just not worth it.

SaYiNG "YeS"

Speaking at a fireside, hosting a dinner, being in charge of food for a large event, having a big party at your house always sounds good a month or two out. But as the day gets closer, you never fail to say, "What was I thinking?"
And have you ever noticed that when you initially say yes,
your calendar is totally open....no commitments (except for th ONE you just made)....all the time in the world. But then somehow as the event approaches, your calendar is packed, everyone wants a piece of you, the kids get sick, your husband has to travel, the house burns down and it's just bad, bad timing.
You swear you will never say "yes" again.
but you do
Got any good ideas that went awry????


Guymons said...

All of those are true...but the exercise one, for me, REALLY happened. A few years ago I was playing indoor soccer on Mondays, outdoor soccer on Wednesday, and coaching a couple of team (playing in the drills with the kids at practice cuz it was fun (and for exercise). Anyway, I tore my ACL (and cartlidge, meniscus, born fracture, etc...) So I took some time off of exercise and sports, hoping it would get better, it didn't, so I scheduled surgery, had it, and did the therapy, etc....and had another year or so off of soccer. When I finally went back to try to play, I had not exercised for 2 years, I was NOT the player I was before the injury. Not fun. Don't exercise.

valerie said...

Exercise? That's the naughty word in our house!

Patty Edwards said...

Gina, repeat after me. No. No. Nononononononono! One more time: NO!

Now don't you feel better?

H.K. said...

OMG! That is so true and that always happens to me! I can go a whole week or two with my calendar being slow and then all of a sudden, the calendar is packed with things that NEED to be done. There is nothing in between.

martyeaster said...

I actually heard that you have a certain number of heart beats and why would you ever want to try and get closer to that number. So I will be holding my breath and trying to slow my heart down as much as possible, maybe some plaque build up will slow the blood down too.

Ashli Dardenne said...

I totally agree with you on the sweatpants thing. Who wants ANYTHING written across their behind?

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

In general all my ideas go awry at some point.

Just Say No.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Diane - OF COURSE you got hurt! I'll add you to my statistics!

Valerie - Let's make vinyl wall art that says "Exercise is a naughty word."

Patty - Check back for the miracle of miracles - SOMEONE says no!

HK - Yeah - our calendars are definitely messed up (or could it be us?)

Marty - You are on to something there!

Ashli - It's just wrong! At least i can depend on you!

Andrea - I can't imagine ANY of your ideas going awry!

Melissa said...

I'm so with you on the exercise thing. It's always the people who were really in shape once that get fat later. So why get in shape if it means I just have to keep exercising the rest of my life in order not to get fat? Makes no sense.