Friday, April 17, 2009

The Disappointment of the Bonehead Brothers

Every weekend is cause for celebration, but the Bonehead Brothers decided to start the celebration early!

They decided to start their weekend THURSDAY evening! It was a trifecta calling for a bacchanal celebration of epic proportions.

1) Tyler was turning 18 today – enough of a cause for celebration but…..
2) He finished his Eagle Scout Application at about 5 pm with 7 hours to spare until his the 18th birthday deadline AND
3) The weather forecast called for 10-20 inches of snow. The potential for a snow day or at least seminary getting cancelled was high!

Let the weekend begin!
Immediately after Tyler obtained the necessary signatures on his Eagle application and Garrett finished lacrosse, they went to the Girls’ Soccer Game.
By 7, they were back home because it was too rainy and it was obvious the girls were going to win.
By 8, they were in the hot tub relaxing after the stress of a long week.
By 9, they were kicking back with a fresh bag of Cheetos, facebook, texting and TV watching.

That’s where they lost me. I drifted into my never, never land of 6 hours of sleep.
I assume Tyler left sometime after 10.

Upon arising this morning, I looked out the window. It was wet, but it hadn’t even started snowing. I got in the shower and got ready for seminary.

Every morning, around 5:15, I go upstairs and open Parker’s door and tell him goodbye. Then I go downstairs and open Garrett’s door and say goodbye. All of this is done in pitch black. No lights are ever turned on. There is never an actual conversation.

EXCEPT for today –
Me: “Bye G! I’ll see you later.”
Garrett: “Bye. See ya.”
Strange Male Voice from the corner of the room, “What? Wait! We have seminary?”
Me: “(recognition dawning) “Yeah Tyler. It’s not even snowing yet. See ya at seminary. Oh and Happy Birthday!”


H.K. said...

Happy Birthday Tyler! My heart lurched out of my chest at the close deadline of his Eagle Scouts! You must have been frantic. I'm glad that it worked out, talk about a close call!

The Crazy Coxes said...

H.K. Luckily..........that particular bonehead is not actually MINE. And perhaps that is why he spent the night. Maybe he knew that if he went home, his real mother would kill him!!!!

Missty said...

LOL. Got to love teenage boys!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Your calm reaction to finding another kid in the house was good. I'd have probably been miffed at that one.