Thursday, April 30, 2009


I know! I know that yesterday I said that I wish Parker would get married and leave the nest. I TAKE IT BACK! I TAKE IT ALL BACK!
I went outside this morning and saw THIS:
What the???? Okay, there is no need to panic. I just needed to take a deep breath and gather my senses.
I remained calm. I came back inside and wrote THIS:
Dear Girls -
YOU can't LOVE Parker! He's MINE! He's my Tiny Baby! He's too little! You can't LOVE someone under 5 feet! I know he goes to your high school, but he's only 14! Seriously, there are 1,400 other boys. Pick someone else.
Besides, this isn't even HIS car. He can't he can't even drive off with you into the sunset.
And besides, he doesn't love you back. Because he only loves me! He's going to stay home and live with me forever and ever. Sorry!


valerie said...

lol Poor Parker. It's just begining. And thanks for the award. I'll get on it soon. Just didnt' want you to think I didn't appreciate it cause I DID!

debilyn said...

LOL..that's way too funny!

This is the price you pay for having an extremely handsome son. I know full well, as my (soon to be) 15 year old is fawned over everywhere he goes. I think it's the eyes...

H.K. said...

Wow, Parker's first public love announcement! Girls, these days are alot more vocal about their feelings! Moe got his first declarion of love when he was in first grade on the answering machine!

Missty said...

LOL. Way funny! We have had a few of those announcements show up around here. girls don't hold back now adays, do they?

Ashli Dardenne said...

Ok. I confess. It was me. I'm the one who loves Parker so much.

KelliSue Kolz said...

Poor Gina. Parker's going to be the sweet nectar to so many bees that you're going to have to keep a flyswatter handy to fend them off.