Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oops! I Did it Again!

I missed Earth Day.
I forgot to care.

I know. That sounds totally selfish.
But here’s my thinking/perspective/excuse/rationale –

Every generation leaves a legacy-
something that can bring generation together for the common good of all, some difficult problem that we can blame on our careless, selfish, short-sighted parents.

My parents left me with a huge national deficit.
It has been quite a project and “I’ve” put forth a noble effort to reduce the deficit. I think it was whittled down pretty far at one time…..but I can’t help it if it’s tripled or quadrupled in the last few years. It’s something my generation is working on.

So in return, I’m leaving my children with landfills full of Pampers – THEIR Pampers.

I’ll admit, I’m not just selfish, I’m the previous generation.
I don’t recycle. I don’t compost.

Don’t get me wrong. I would NEVER litter.
In fact, I am kind of noble when it comes to litter.
I’ve witnessed teens throwing fast food bags full of trash out of car windows. And I’ve followed them, stopped them and made them go back and pick up the litter. So there!

I don’t waste. I certainly don’t purposely leave the water running or leave lights on. And I have been known to use those reusable canvas bags at the grocery store (when I remember to bring them)

But speaking of lights, I don’t own any of those CLF or CFL or whatever fluorescent lights……….not one. Because………..they’re ugly. Yea, the bulb is ugly and the light it gives off is ugly. Sorry. I said what everyone else is afraid to. When they invent a cute energy saving bulb, I'll totally buy it!

And it kind of bugs me that we even HAVE Earth Day. You know when it’s Mothers’ Day and your kids honor you by saying, “When is KIDS’ Day?” And you say, “EVERY DAY is Kids’ Day.” Well EVERY DAY is or should be Earth Day!


Missty said...

LOL. Well, your a little ahead of me. I don't own a canvas tote bag yet. And I am with you on the ugly light bulbs!

Here is my telling some to pick up thier litter story. In the Target parking lot, as I am getting out of my car, I see a Target employee throw an entire Mc Donalds bag out of her door then proceeds to walk into the store. I say "oops you dropped something" She denies it and gets an attitude. I tell her I saw her, she says she didn't. So I let her know I plan on telling her manager when I get in the store. Its bad to litter - its worse to do it on your own employers parking lot. I tell the manager, and point her out. I get thanked, and she tells me the girl has always given attitude and will be dealt with.

Ashli Dardenne said...

In honor of Earth Day we used way to much toilet paper, used paper plates for dinner, along with tons of paper towels, plastic knifes, forks and spoons, left ALL the lights on, ran ALL the faucets at the SAME time, did a load of laundry with only one towel in the washing machine, and left my car running so the baby would fall asleep!

The Crazy Coxes said...

You girls are toooo funny!
Missty - I can send you some tote bags that you can shove in a closet, intend to take to the store and then realize half wa through the store that you forgot them.

Ashli - lol - you're hopeless! And way worse than me! I feel better

valerie said...

The kids save pop cans and I don't litter. That's about all I do though as far as being "green". I do like to reinvent things to use though so I'm not actually adding to the waste. I see the canvas bags and think, maybe next time I'll buy some but honestly, never get around to actually doing that. lol

H.K. said...

Amen! And may I add that every day should be MOTHER's day. I only have one day of the year that my husband and son cook for me. They're not allowed to do take out.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

That's a good one. I only knew it was earth day because another bloggers been talking about her efforts for the entire month for earth day. I looked cool to my son for knowing it was earth day. And they say reading blogs won't teach you anything!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Oh yes, ways I am green. Well I live in the recycle capital of the world so I divide my trash into four separate bins for four separate collections on four separate days. Got that? Then I take the glass to a recycle bin around town. And plastic bottles get returned to the store for deposit (like 25 cents each or more, sheesh!)

I try to only do laundry every third week, though the little guy is complaining about turning his underwear inside out so we can get multiple days use of it.

So yeah, go Earth Day :) (The recycle and trash stuff is actually true)

Stacy said...

I am *so* with you on the ugly light bulbs. I tried putting some in the fan/light thing in the den. It looked horrible! So we're back to pretty but less green. Hey...pretty wins every time! We recycle--but truly only because the city provides the can and picks it up.