Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yippee Skippy! I Just Won!
I love to win………..because it is a rare event!

But thanks to HK Everyday blog/, I won the Blogging Friendship Award.
What does this mean?
She loves me (and I love her)
And, I love all of you…my blogging friends.
So, I get to post 8 things I look forward to doing, 8 things I wish I could do, and award 8 friends some love!

8 Things That I’m Looking Forward To –
- Summer – no school, no seminary, the pool and a stack of books
- All of my children graduating from high school, because I’m tired. Not 6 hours of sleep a night tired, but “hey I know you’re only 14, but isn’t it time for you to move out and move on?” tired.
- All of my children marrying the wife of my dreams and producing the cutest grandchildren in the world.
- Having the funnest every family reunions with the above
- Going on a mission with Brian
- Travelling without leaving the children home with stacks of money, refrigerators full of food, signed permission slips in case of an emergency and a typed schedule for my parents
- Brian’s new company making money. That would be soooo cool to get a paycheck!
- I don’t know what else I’m looking forward to because I made goal a couple years back to not “wish” my life away, but to enjoy each day. And guess what? It’s one goal I’m actually keeping!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
- Blink and be somewhere instantly
- Crank up some hip hop tunes and drive as fast as I want
- Have all my brothers live on the same street with me
- Be a coroner, wedding planner, high school teacher, teen psychologist
- Have more time in the day
- Remember what I study when I read the scriptures
- Have time to learn a new skill and have a hobby
- Have thick hair(well, not really thick, just more than the 5 strands I have now) that grows quickly

And now for my wonderful blog friends – Thanks for letting me stalk you!

Stephanie at The proof of this joy is me .com an old friend from Denver and the singles' ward.

Valerie at Let's Be Frank an old friend from the Mormon Mothers Board.

Andrea at Blogging Mama-Andrea. a new friend from the Blogosphere. She lives in Germany and she keeps me entertained.

Ashli at DardenneDudes. a friend from Church with fun pics of her cute kids.

Melissa at Howell Herald. a friend in the ward who HATES doing these kinds of lists. She's an awesome photographer and a great writer.

Allison at Clamp Soup. the daughter in law of a friend. She's a new mom to a beautiful little girl and her posts are fun and refreshingly honest. Love her!

Amy at Happy Though Indeed. an old friend from the Mormon Moms Board and I have to say that when I see the title of her blog - Happy Thought Indeed in my favorites, I smile.

Diane at Life is a Pitch. an old friend from the Mormon Moms Board who is a soccer mom extraordinaire and she keeps up with each and every family member's activities.

There ya go girls! Have a great day!


Guymons said...

WOW, Thanks....I thought you thought I was a bad mom, so this shows that you probably don't so YAY, I'm happy. You awarded me an award. COOL!
I loved reading your 8, or was it 16, or 24 things. I don't know if I can think of anything interesting to write, but I'll try (later, I'm at work.)

H.K. said...

I was cracking up that you look forward to having your boys marry the woman of your dreams because I want that for Moe too!

Actually, I want him to marry an orphan, so we don't share holidays with in-laws.

fatty McButter Pants said...

Love your blog. We have read some of the same books. I am going to try a couple on your shelf that I haven't read. I know how you feel about your son. H.K.'s comments cracked me up. I can so relate! Thanks for your postive and inspiring posts.

Ashli Dardenne said...

Thanks! I feel so honored. I'll get around to leaving my own thoughts on my blog soon.