Friday, April 3, 2009

What is the REAL Problem Here?

This is my Candy Cupboard.

I know!

Can you believe what a disorganized mess it is?
I’m going to clean it out sometime today……..or tomorrow…..sometime. Cuz really, it should be alphabetized or something - like the spice cupboard.

It IS kind of organized -

The top shelf is for big bags of bulk candy – like the bags of 500 mini candy bars you get at candy food storage.

The middle shelf is for unopened smaller boxes and bags – like theater candy or bags of candy from the grocery story or seasonal candy like jelly beans. I don’t really know how or why that Halloween cauldron is there.

The bottom shelf is for individual candy bars or small bags of opened candy.

See it’s not that hard! It’s really quite simple.

But the question I find myself asking today is not WHY is this cupboard such a mess but WHY do I even have a Candy Cupboard?..........not a little hiding place behind the crackers, not a drawer, not a singular shelf way up high, but a WHOLE CANDY CUPBOARD!?!

Ask me about my Snack Drawer! (I just restocked it!)


H.K. said...

My mouth salivates as I look at your candy cupboard...I would also never be able to have a candy cupboard because the candy would never last to have their own cupboard!

valerie said...

How do you even keep enough candy in there to call it the candy cupboard? lol I have to hid that kind of stuff around here. The kids (including the big one) would clean that out like a bunch of locust!

Missty said...

LOL. Yum! We always have candy, etc. And the funny thing is, the kids who don't have it around - devour it at our house. Its so normal, my kids don't eat it. It sits, till I eat it, or friends do.

Same with baked goods, its normal to always have it, so sometimes, it goes to waste, if friends haven't been over.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

candy cupboard.

Can I have one? Please?