Monday, April 13, 2009

The Bonehead Brothers vs The IRS

NEVER encourage your progeny to work!
It will cost you - gas to get there, clothing to be worn at work, food purchased while working or while on the way to work from school because they can't just swing by the house for a free meal.

Whatever Garrett made, it probably cost me double!

And now the TAX MAN COMETH! The IRS wants a piece of him too! I just spent 2 ½ hours on Garrett’s taxes –

1 ½ hours crying,

45 minutes actual tax preparation

and 15 minutes redoing my makeup.

I thought I would take on this little project as a favor to Brian. How hard can it be?

Usually the kid’s taxes get thrown in with our taxes and the accountant does everything. But this year, it just didn’t occur to us.

So here we are with the deadline looming and I thought I would fill in the blanks and get Garrett’s money back.


First of all, he was eliminated from the lucky pool of people who can fill out the 1040EZ form because he has 1099s from modeling.

I wish that was as impressive as it sounds.

It sounds like he has a gazillion dollars and SHOULD be paying taxes.

But don't believe it for a second!

So not only did I have to fill out the 1040 REGULAR form,

I had to fill out a Schedule C because of his thriving self employment status AND a Schedule SE to determine how much self employment tax he might owe.

The child is 17! Please!

And after all that multiplying and adding and subtracting , he owes just what we thought he would - ZERO!

He owes NOTHING! And they owe him whatever miniscule amount line 61 subtracted from line 71 is.

YAY! Bonehead Brothers 1 vs IRS 0 Actually, he will get NOTHING because I’m going to invoice him for tax preparation. (He can deduct it next year! ;) )

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valerie said...

lol. Taxes just give me a headache. Glad you figured it out and you should charge him for sure! ;)