Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have a lot to be THANKFUL for everyday, even on not so great days.
We all do!

Here are a few things I’m thankful for
1) Last night, when my nephew realized that it was 10:15 and I wasn’t home from lacrosse, he called me on my cell to tell me to hurry home and get in bed. He’s so sweet and considerate….especially since he himself was suffering. He had his first set of immunizations yesterday. Wasn’t it so sweet of him to think about me and call? (He’s 8 weeks old!) Thank you Mr. Chunkers!

2) My brother who is in med school successfully diagnosed Garrett’s “manhood” ailment. Garrett has been suffering for three weeks. He’s been in so much pain, he submitted to an exam by a female pediatrician AND an ultrasound. After the doctor came up empty, my bro came up with the problem. When I told Garrett, he said, “YES! That’s it! Why didn’t the doctor ask me that? I could have told her! Thanks Jared!

3) My girlfriend was making spaghetti casseroles for a women’s retreat and she had 1 lb of spaghetti, meatballs and ½ jar of sauce left over. Not wanting to waste, she made an extra casserole………and guess who she gave it to for dinner? Thanks Margaret!

4) This is the first week that I HAVEN’T had to wear long underwear and ski socks to the lacrosse games. And I’m extra thankful since we have had games every single day – Monday through Saturday. (Okay it’s starting to rain as I type this. Boo!)

5) The Bonehead Brothers do a lot of crazy things! I'm grateful that they are fun and crazy things, not stupid, illegal things. For teenage boys, well really for any age boys, they make really good choices. Mostly, they make me laugh...most of the time! Thanks guys!


KelliSue Kolz said...

I'm impressed by your nephew, and I shall seek contentment in my underachieving children who at age 7 and upwards, still cannot dial me on the cellphone.

I'll work through my angst though, I'm sure. The 11 year olds can. Which makes for a lot of 'excuse me please', during one anniversary dinner.

Missty said...

Great post. Umm, Garrett needs to move up to a Male general practice doctor! LOL Not sure what his issues was, but we have had a few around here. Ugh! lol

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Nice! I love it when food magically appears!

I'll try to send some nice weather your way (so long as it doesn't make mine disappear in the process).

And I love the Bonehead Brothers. You're right they do make good decisions. Could it be because they have good parental examples and guidance??

Kim said...

i bet that garrett just loves this blog's topic... all he really cares about it that someone is talking about him.

valerie said...

Wow. You have a pretty talented nephew!

I love when people share food. No cooking! :)