Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bonehead Brothers Beat the Blizzard

The weather forecasters warned and warned and warned that we would get a lot of snow.

The snow started Friday at about 5 am, but there were periods of rain and periods of nothing. I thought it was a bust.

Finally, it started to snow in earnest around 2 pm.
All of our games and after school activities were cancelled.
I was worried that Garrett and Parker wouldn’t get home from school. When they pulled in the driveway around 3:15, I was so relieved.

“Thank heavens you’re home! I am so glad you are home.”
Parker: “Yeah we almost didn’t get home!”
Me with my typical answer: “Nah uh!”
Garrett: “Seriously! Parker had to drive and I had to push!”
Me: “Really?”
Garrett: “Yeah, we got stuck and I knew Parker wouldn’t be able to push, so I had him drive while I pushed. Then some other kids came along and helped push us too.”
Me: “Well I’m glad you made it!”

We knew we would be snowbound the rest of the weekend.
So we took care of the most important things first.
Garrett called Tyler.

Garrett: “Dude, what are you doing? Come over!”
Tyler: “I’m going to take a nap.”
Garrett: “If you take a nap, you’ll be snowed in by the time you wake up and you won’ be able to come over.”
Evidently, Tyler could see the wisdom in this. He showed up about 15 minutes later. And then 30 minutes later, I asked Parker what the boys were doing and he told me they were in the basement taking naps.

And the rest is history. Tyler “accidentally” got snowed in here and couldn’t return home until Saturday evening.

Here is how they spent their Saturday.
Yes, they are in swimsuits. No, they don't have shoes on. Yes, they are running around the yard. Yes, they really are diving in the snow and rolling around. Yes, they jumped in the hot tub!
Yes, they are in pain. Yes, they did it again. No, I don't really know why they do what they do.


valerie said...

LOL! I'm telling you. You have to write a book about them. Sounds like you had a nice, cozy, snow filled weekend.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I remember doing that as a kid though. Well, not rolling in the snow but getting out and running around and getting back in. That's actually fun :)
I can't believe you had snow. I was thinking about putting on my shorts today (70 degrees). Don't worry in about two weeks summer here will be over and you'll have to listen to me complain about the rain for the next four months while you get summer.

KelliSue Kolz said...

That was fun to see! The bonehead brothers cheered me up on a wet miserable Monday, after a weekend of sleep deprivation with a slightly sick toddler.

Way to go Boys! My 11 year old sons will find this hilarious too. They get it from me, we're wildly amuseable. And we have goats that prank us - small consolation for not having bonehead big brothers to entertain us.

H.K. said...

OMG!!! Who said that being snowed in isn't fun?

debilyn said...

those boys just always look like SO

I knew another boy, once, who played in the snow in his shorts with no shirt...none other than mr. solomon! =)

Tricia said...

gina your blog is the greatest! I love bonehead brothers stories! this one takes it all though....freaking crazy rolling in the snow half nekked.....

I grew up with brothers....i fully understand how this seems like a good idea to

keep up the antics bonehead brohams......y'all are goona be famous someday.