Thursday, April 16, 2009

No! Nien! Ne! Nu! Nej! Negatory!

Give me a treat, a prize, a certificate……..something!
I know! It’s hard to believe.
My friend and I were whining, crying and tearing our hair out because we are in charge of the food for After Prom and we’ve put it off and put it off until we could put it off no more!
Luckily, neither of us have ANYTHING to do this week (ha ha, hee hee…wooo that was funny) so we got together to plan.
After 15 minutes of plotting how to throw ourselves down stairs and land on swords, arranging to drive into bridge abutments, and deciding that arranging our own deaths was harder than feeding 1,000, we got to work and planned the whole darn thing in a couple of hours.
Yep – we have the menu, the decorations, room layout, lists of supplies we need to purchase, lists of vendors to solicit, lists of items we need parents to donate. We’re armed with lists!
It’s going to be fun and it’s going to be yummy. I would tell you all about it, but it is TOP SECRET. No one knows what the theme for Prom or After Prom is yet (except for the leadership class, the Prom committee, the administration, the PTO, etc. etc.)
Before placing our order for our TOP SECRET decorations, we decided to run to the school. Never go to the school during the day.
It’s not the students who scare me……’s the other adults. The students totally ignored us as we wondered the cafeteria pointing to where we could string TOP SECRET decorations and planning our table arrangement. But those pesky adults are the ones who get in the way. We made the mistake of talking to a few of them. They wanted to know what we were doing tomorrow, next week, next year.
“They” thought it would be wonderful if WE were on the PTO Board. And without thinking and in perfect unison, we exclaimed, “NO!”
Congratulate me! Pat me on the back! Take me to dinner! But DON'T ask me to do anything!


B said...

Throw yourself on swords. That bit of it really got me chuckling inside my little head. Glad you decided planning your demise was harder or I wouldn't have had the pleasure of reading that fabulous line.

debilyn said... are a BRAVE (read:crazy) woman to take on something like After Prom!!!

I AM, however, sending you a HUGE pat on the back for saying no to the PTO. Seriously...don't you do enough???

Kim said...

this year .... NO AFTER PARTIES!!!

valerie said...

Way to be firm! Good luck with the Top Secret party. Can't wait to hear the details. Sounds fun.

Terresa said...

I love your blog already, esp after reading the small print after your blog title. ;)

PS: I hopped over here from Debilyn's blog and wow, I'm wishing we were neighbors now! Look at all this fun I've been missing!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Wahoo! Way to go. I'm going to have get you a I Said NO! badge. I'll work on it.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Here's your sign :)