Monday, April 27, 2009


The Bonehead Brothers know that almost every Saturday requires a certain amount of time doing chores. You would think that after 17 years, they would be used to it, expect it, and embrace it. But no!

They dread it! And Saturday mornings are met with a groan.

Garrett reluctantly got out of bed to assist with taking down the Christmas lights. I KNOW. It's almost May!

But he took his own ladder and cordless drill and took down several strands of lights on the first story. Then he became Brian’s assistant as they tackled the second story lights.

Brian would lean the extension ladder against the house, ascend to the top, use the cordless drill to unscrew the screws, then descend the ladder. Garrett's job was to 1) catch/hold the long strands the framework of lights that was being unscrewed and 2) retrieve the drill from Brian as he descended the ladder and prepared to move it to a new location. Even I can do the job.....almost.

This went on for about 20 minutes. Then, up at the top of the extension ladder, Brian lowered the cordless drill and without looking and said, “Here Garrett…….hold this while I…… Garrett? Garrett?” He looked down and it was as if Garrett had vanished into the misty morning.

Brian looked frustrated. “Where is Garrett?”
I hesitated to answer. “He’s inside making bacon.”
Brian: “He’s what? He’s making bacon? What? In the middle of the project? He couldn’t wait 10 minutes?”

I could see the steam coming out of his ears!

While Brian was filled with shock and unbelief, I started laughing. Brian didn’t.
He didn't yell. He didn't scream.
He quietly went inside and retrieved a legal tablet and pen (WORSE than a whip I tell you!)

He made this list of chores that Garrett needed to complete BEFORE doing anything else on Saturday.

You can HARDLY tell that Brian is BITTER! ;)
Please note that some of the jobs are more “instructional” than others.
Like, “Not everything is about you.” and "Learn to ask if there is anything else you can do."

Tyler came over - you could see that by the nice autograph he felt compelled to leave on the chore list. But he pitched in, which is only fair since he lives here 50% of the time.


H.K. said...

Garrett sounds a lot like Moe, their stomach come before chores! Then my son tells me his food has to digest before he does anything!

(gave you an award on my blog!)

Missty said...

LOL. Sorry I am on Garretts side. I HATE Saturday CHores, so we don't have them, or very few of them. I grew up with every stinkin' Saturday doing chores. gag! Weekends here are to be having fun and playing. Chores are done during the week. Matt goes to work - I do the house. Kids do yards. Rule is the yard has to be done before Friday night at 5:00 pm. And the boys do a few other things as I ask now and then.

valerie said...

ROFL! Oh Gina I am almost crying from laughter. Sorry but I thought it was funny when your hubby asked where Garrett was and you said he was making bacon. Hilarious that he just decided to make some in the middle of chores.

Terresa said...

I'm laughing my guts out here & trying to decide which is funnier: the fact that I, too, have a son named Garrett, who is so challenged some days, he just stands in front of his dresser until I hand-pick clothes out for him to wear. he's also just 5 yrs old.

Or -- the making bacon comment. Around my house, bacon is almost coveted as much as chocolate!

Or the writing tablet list -- excellent idea, btw!

Great post! ;)

Jenn said...

"Bippity boppity bacon!" - as Jim Gaffigan would say. Everyone knows Saturday chores makes you crave - well, bacon. Like Garrett, I LOATHE Saturday chores. I got to the point where I have a chore schedule for each day of the week. It's definitely rewarding getting out to play on the weekends.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Missty - Don't get me wrong! NO ONE hates Saturday chores more than me!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, no one is home any other time and luckily/unluckily, we often have random events on Saturday that preclude us from doing chores even then - DARN!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Too funny! I love the list. I should maybe make one of those for my hubby...