Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiny Baby is TICKED OFF!

First of all – WHO makes an ortho appointment for 7:10 AM during SPRiNG BReaK? Helloooo? We can go at that time IF it means missing class, but NOT if it means missing sleep.

But Parker consoled himself that it would be a short visit to check the progress on his tooth that is ssssllllloooowwwlllyyyy coming in. He assures me that he will be back in his cozy bed by 8.

The ortho is so HAPPY that his tooth is almost all the way in. The ortho is DISAPPOINTED because he is going out of town this afternoon and when he gets back, SPRiNG BReaK will be over and had he known, they could have scheduled an appointment to put Parker’s braces on.

It’s our LUCKY day! The 9:15 appointment accidentally showed up at 7. We can have the 9:15 opening!

Parker is ticked! He wasn’t expecting this good fortune. They excuse us at 7:30 with instructions to be back at 9.

Parker's getting braces! Parker's getting braces!

Parker wants his last meal………and it better be good.

We drive to the mall that is close by.
P – Can we go to Chili’s?
Me – They’re not open.
P – P.F. Changs?
Me – Not open
P – Jim and Nicks? Rumbi?
Me – Nothing is open at 7:30 except for Village Inn

We go there and he orders – the TOP SIRLOIN with a salad and onion rings!

He’s bummed but he vows that he will be a miracle patient. He’s pretty sure that when we go back in 8 weeks, they will congratulate him and tell him that his braces can come off in 3 more weeks.

I heard all kinds of crazy things (and there are no drugs involved)
P – Oh, I won’t be able to go to lacrosse practice. I’ll be on bedrest.
P – When you pick up my Juice Stop this afternoon, get good flavors. Don’t get anything with peach or coconut.
P – This is horrible!
P – I won’t be able to go to lacrosse practice because I don’t have a mouthguard.
P – Who needs straight teeth? Why can’t I just get a teeth transplant?He doesn't want us to see the "after" look.Big brothers with IPhones are so helpful at getting these shots!


debilyn said...

poor fellow! Hope he thoroughly enjoyed his last meal =)

H.K. said...

What an awesome breakfast, Parker chose well! The "teeth transplant" was hilarious...out of the mouth of babes!

Missty said...

LOL. Is he your first braces of the family? We had 3 of the 4 boys do braces! Ugh, I was so glad never to do those month appointments again. Two had them on for 2.5 years, and one for 20 months. Do the math - thats a lot of appointments! Good luck!! And for eating -my boys pretty much still ate normal. Just not stuff like gum, taffy, etc.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Poor guy! The meal is hilarious. But I've been in braces. It is not fun. I sympathize!