Friday, May 15, 2009


That's right! TWO EVENTS DOWN and I'm alive to talk about it!
(But go ahead and keep planning my funeral)

Last night was the LACROSSE BANQUET....
and I don't have pics!

We had 150 at the dinner which was catered by Jim and Nick's BBQ.
It was delicious!

Here are some pics of the balloons.
Each table had a blue or black tablecloth, a lacrosse helmet in the center and balloons tied to the helmet. Candy was sprinkled on the tables.

After the food, we moved to the theatre for awards and our famous video.
It's great plays and crashes set to hard core rock music.

Tiny Baby was named JV CAPTAIN which is especially cool for a 4'10" Freshman. He says he's not 4'10". He's taller. Sure he 4'10 1/2." Because if he was any taller, than this guy defending him would be 7 feet tall! He had the most points on the JV teams (goals & assists).

He had the most points on JV (goals & assists).

Garrett was named next year's VARSITY CAPTAIN....way cool........lots of work!

He had his first meeting with the coaches right after the banquet!

Then we loaded everything up and came home for a few hours of sleep before the seminary breakfast.
I didn't make good on my threat to serve cold cereal. We made pancakes and sausage.
It was awesome. Great, great kids!!! World's best calling but it's always good to go out on top of your game. I don't know how much longer I could get up at that ridiculous hour, put on a dress and be excited about teenagers. Probably, I could do it for...........maybe one more day, but maybe not.
Well, I've got to go unload the Lacrosse Banquet stuff and start loading the After Prom stuff.

I WILL take pictures! It's going to be way cool.
Yesterday, we were at Sam's Club buying all the paper goods and I passed an end cap display and was immediately inspired to buy 1,000 Otter Pops. I'll explain later!!!
Have a super great Friday!


H.K. said...

Okay, your Lacrosse Banquets are SO MUCH BETTER than the football banquets! Congrats on your kids achievements in Lacrosse, awesome!

valerie said...

Glad you made it through! Instead of funeral flowers though I'll send you congrat's flowers, for making it through all your events and for making them awesome! Way to go to your kids for making team captains!