Monday, May 18, 2009


We all survived the BIG weekend.

Originally Garrett wanted his Prom date to be someone "special." He figured that if you were going to throw down that much money, it should be for someone you really liked. But it was May, and I explained that 1) he had to hurry up and ask someone and 2) if you wanted to have someone "special" in your life in May, you probably should have started looking in February.

While he was disappointed to not have someone special, I was thrilled! ;)

But he never could bring himself to ask just anyone.

One of Garrett's friends asked him to go with her. The girls took care of all the details....kind of.

Despite the fact that two days before, they were told there wasn't room in the limo for everyone......the limo worked out

Despite the fact that Tyler's date wore half a dress...... he knew she would.

Despite the fact that Garrett's date disappeared into the bathroom and came back slightly inebriated...........he ditched her.

The boys had a great time..........with each other.

They danced with their friends.

Accompanied the girls back home in the limo.

And came to After Prom.

And even with all that, they said it was really fun!


valerie said...

Well despite the girls spilling out of their dresses and getting a bit tipsy, it sounds like the boys had a good time and they looked great!

debilyn said...

Geez, woman...your boys are so handsome! Glad they had a great time :)

H.K. said...

Garrett was smart to ditch the drunk date, you want to have during your prom not babysit a drunk date! At least they had fun with each other and had a great time at the prom!

Your boys looked extremely handsome in their tuxes!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Yeah, who lets their kid out the door in a dress like that??

I'm glad they had fun with each other! Too bad their dates were not so much fun.