Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let the PARTIES Begin!

THIS is it!
Strap in for a fun-filled weekend!

Tonight: Lacrosse Banquet

Friday: Seminary Breakfast - Last day of Seminary

Saturday: Prom/After Prom Extravaganza

Sunday: Seminary Graduation

Monday: My Funeral

I'm a list maker. It's what I do. I figure it's a better coping mechanism than a gun.....but I could be wrong.

I'm armed with a pen and kind of dangerous.

Here’s my list for Day One of Complete Craziness - Check, Check & Check!
1. Seminary – Testimonies
2. Blog – I have my priorities!
3. Send Check for Prom Tickets
4. Call Myra re: Limo drama
5. House
a. Laundry
b. My Room
6. Flowers for Pots/New Pots?
a. Lowes
b. Home Depot
c. WalMart
d. Costco
7. WalMart
a. Roaster
8. Order Subs from Subway
9. Margaret
a. Chocolate Fountain Secured?
b. Pizza?
c. What vendors are delivering/picking up?
i. What has been paid for?
ii. Cancel one Chick-Fil-a order?
10. Find Envelopes for Seniors’ Pictures
11. Email Bylaws to poor fool who volunteered to be on the board
12. Pick up Coachs’ Gifts –
a. Varsity – 1-$75, 2-$50
b. JV – Did Lois already get?
c. Level II – 1 - $75, 1-$50
13. Print/Fold Programs
14. Lemonade for Banquet?
15. Temple – Sealing @ 7 pm
16. Think About –
a. Cards for Coaches/Pens to sign
b. Flowers for Coaches’ Wives
c. Food for Seminary Breakfast
d. Mom’s Birthday
e. Finalizing Lacrosse Scholarship Winner
f. Manager Gifts – 4 Boys & 4 Girls
g. Picking up paper goods for After Prom

I've started my list for Day Two of Craziness.

For those of you who want to get out ahead of the craziness - order my funeral flowers. I would like pink and white flowers. I prefer roses, calla lilies and stock. I also would like a cherry coffin. Spare no expense.


martyeaster said...

What about a sweet Journey or Stix cover band for the funeral? I know a couple of really good ones, I could get you a good deal. Good luck!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

You got it! I'll send the best flowers my kids can afford!

LOL! You are so funny :)

valerie said...

Yikes! I need a nap just reading your list! Will two dozen flowers work for ya?

{amy} said...

Have a great weekend! Time to post some pics of YOU at these crazy events! I want to see your decorations/food too!!

Kim said...

you forgot.... i love my life and i like this way...

Don and Kelley said...

Heres to the end of the school year!!!! Life is crazy for us too. I love reading your blog, it just cracks me up!