Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bonehead Brothers REDEEM Themselves....Almost

Remember the day that I wanted to strangle the Bonehead Brothers after seminary??? I know....you're thinking, "Which time?"

The only reason I didn't is because I hopped a plane to San Jose and had the weekend to rethink their deaths......but not before I called Garrett on his way to school and told him that I could visualize my hands around his neck slowly squeezing it.

Anyway, when I was in San Jose, someone (a responsible adult like the Bishop) came to seminary and had the kids write letters to me.

They presented the letters to me on the last day of seminary.
The letters were sweet beyond words.

Many of them bore their testimonies.
Many of them recalled what they had learned or mentioned their favorite lesson.
Many of them mentioned my death wish.....weird! :)

In respect for their privacy, I won't share their letters. Besides, there are 30 of them. But I will share the Bonehead Brothers' letters because they are not entitled to privacy.

By virtue of them driving me loony, they don't get privacy.

They are "angles" alright! Obtuse angles. And to be honest, the days they were in vegetative states were pretty good ones.

And I guess I will let Tyler spend the night at our house ONE more night!

Seriously, I can't imagine another calling being as rewarding as Seminary Teacher.........even if it is early morning seminary!


martyeaster said...

Those were awesome letters. I can only imagine how you felt reading those. Great Job and good luck with whatever you do next!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Loved the first letter.

Mom you rock, can you iron my stuff?? That'd be a good line :)

valerie said...

Awww what sweet letters!