Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Let me explain!

1) Yes, those are Bugles, Chex Mix (it's made from cereal) and Fruities on the counter......but there are also raisins, a Nutri Grain Bar and a Granola bar.
My kids HATE breakfast. From the time they hit middle school, they claim that eating early (before 10ish) gives them a stomach ache.

2) The money is their lunch money. But most of the time, I make their lunch before I leave for seminary.

3) I leave house at 5:20 before they get up.
4) Once a week, I provide a delicious and so nutrious pan of Pillsbury cinnamon twists or cinnamon rolls (yuck!) that I take out of the oven just as I leave
5) On rare occasions, I make breakfast burritos and leave them wrapped in foil on the counter.

But for the most part, I stand in the front of the class at seminary and wait to see what they come in with and it's usually one or two drinks and a couple of the delicious items off the counter. You just never know what they will walk in with!


valerie said...

Mackenzie doens't like to eat breakfast either. And my oldest could have breakfast and then eat your offerings too! He's only 11 and it's making me scared for the teen years. lol I'm not sure where he puts it all either but I'm thinking I'm going to have to get a job and another fridge just to keep him supplied with food!

Amy Pickledpigsfeet said...

Hey at least you provide breakfast for your boys! Lane likes to wake up at 6 am, I usually don't wake up until at least 7:30 sometimes later depending on how many times I had to wake up with the baby during the night. If he wants to eat before I'm awake then he's on his own.

I told Lane he's almost 9 years old he can get his own breakfast. I showed him where the cereal & milk is, there are pancakes & waffles I've made and frozen, there are frozen pastries too. We've got 5 years till he's seminary aged I hope that he doesn't have to do early morning seminary. I prefer he do home study like I did.

KelliSue Kolz said...

I'm still laughing! I don't get up at 5:20, and I'm cracking up at your sons' choices to eat in the morning.

Thankfully the kids are big fans of instant oatmeal, and if I provide them with 5 flavors, everybody finds something they like. That or high fiber cereal - like Kashi Go Lean crunch, frosted shredded wheat mins etc. With their other option being starvation, they're all pretty devoted cereal lovers.

Since I milk the goats twice a day, they are obligated to use up the milk, it's in the mother's handbook, somewhere.

On Saturdays, when I get up earlier than everybody else, I redeem my weekday sloth by making pancakes and sausage. There, I feel so much better after my confession.


Shirley said...

My youngest daughter ate strange things for breakfast when she was in high school. She usually took a can of corn or a can of chicken noodle soup to eat after seminary -cold.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Shirley - Ewwww....your daughter wins for the grossest breakfast. I wouldn't mind those foods....but cold?

Valerie - yeah - stock up and save up. Despite the lack of appetite for breakfast, they do eat 2 lunches and at least 2 full dinners.

AA- Early Morning seminary rocks! But you knew I would say that! ;)

KS - oatmeal used to be big here but then..........I don't know. Weird hormones kicked in?