Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FROM the Desk of.....

Things are a little crazy around here this week.....or maybe "out of control" is a better descriptor.

Here is a little "interoffice correspondence."
You can tell that as the week progresses, "my secretary" is becoming a little bit less professional.


TO: Family


Due to circumstances totally within our control, the kitchen and laundry room will be closed the week of May 11-17th.
Thanks for understanding.

- - - - - - -

TO: Seminary Class

FROM: Your Teacher

Our traditional “end of the year” breakfast will still be held on Friday, May 15th. We will NOT be having our traditional End of the Year Breakfast however. I will have a selection of breakfast cereal for you though. The question was raised as to whether it will be "good" cereal. No, it will not be anything good. You will get whatever is in the pantry on Friday at 6 am.

- - - - - -
Dear Lacrosse Parent,

As we finish our 2008-2009 Boys’ Lacrosse Season, we are already looking ahead to an exciting 2009-2010 season.
We would love to have you consider taking a position on our lacrosse board.

I don't know you but I got your email off our roster........almost like public information. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Pick a position – any position….but really……..wouldn’t you like to be president? It’s reallllllyyyy funnnnnnnnn and super easy!!! Anyone can do it. They let me do for the last three years. I can bring everything over to your house tonight, or right now! Just call me. If you don’t call by 8 pm, I’ll just drop everything off on your porch!

- - - - - -
Dear PTO:

NO! We still do NOT want to be on the 2009-2010 PTO Board. We were serious when we screeched "NO!" in your office in perfect unison a few weeks ago. Don't ask again. We don't do meetings. We don't stick to budgets. And we don't like anyone being the boss of us.

PS: Oh and ........Our decorations for after Prom are better than your decorations! Na na na na na!


Missty said...

I love it!! Yeah its the busy time - everything winding down for summer. You need to just say "NO" nothing wrong with it. lol FOr some wierd strange reason, many can't say it.

Say it - it will feel SO good!! lol
Someone else will step up to the plate, when there is no one there. Just like you did.

H.K. said...

I love the closing down the kitchen and laudndry for a week, that was awesome!

valerie said...

Just say NO! I'm all for that. A few teachers keep bugging me to become a sub. HA HA HA HA! That's a great big HECK NO! See it's easy. :) Enjoy your vacation from laundry.