Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Remember the sweet little Bird Nest in the wreath on my front door?
The one with 3 little eggs?
Here’s how it looks now?

What the heck happened?
The only thing I can figure is that some big, mean bird attacked the nest and ate the eggs.
This is all that remains – it looks more like a rat’s nest and somehow…… looks kind of like my life………crazy!
So here is the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of My Own Brand of Crazy!
We received our weekly email from Trammell- Yay!
It was only 1/2 page- Boo!
But he wrote individual emails to everyone in the family- Yay!
He said he was keeping it short because he is calling in 4 DAYS!- WooHoo!
Garrett has a date to Prom- Yay!
My head is spinning so fast, it's going to spin right off.
And it's not because of the Swine Flu!
I could really use a flucation right now though!
Next week is our Lacrosse Banquet (dh is in charge of that...I don't need to say anything else.)
The next day is the last day of seminary- Yay!
Everyone is coming here for breakfast- Boo!
You know I love these guys, but I'm not feeling up to breakfast right now or right then - sandwiched between feeding 150 and......
Next Saturday is Prom.
My girlfriend and I are in charge of the food for after prom....
food for 1,000.
Oh and next Sunday is Seminary Graduation.
I don't have to actually do anything...just show up after cooking and serving food from 12 to 4 am and announce the graduating seniors. I'll have lots of concealer on.
The problem with these events is that there really isn't anything I can DO right it's too early to fill helium balloons for next Thursday or cook 1,500 egg rolls for Saturday.
All I can do right now is worry.........and eat donuts and drink Coke.
I have NO details on Garrett's Prom plans.........except his date's mother called this morning to tell me that she is taking care of the flowers. She felt bad about the expenses associated with Prom and since the dinner reservations have been made and Garrett already bought tickets and paid for the limo (realllllyyyy????), she thought she would take care of the flowers.
After confessing to bad breakfast habits yesterday,
Parker came home from seminary, fired up the BBQ and grilled a hot dog at 7 am- Ewwwwww!
Garrett's date's dress is "a weird color of green" (this is how her mom described it). Garrett said he just wasn't feelin it and decided not to even attempt any color of green vest and tie. He's going for silver.
Someone! Save me from myself!


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Umm, want a mentos?? Or chocolate? I could send you some of that...

I hate when there's so much to do and yet you can't actually do any of it!

Kim said...

i like the new background. breathe.