Saturday, May 9, 2009


I logged on Facebook and a "friend" had posted pictures of HER missionary turning 20.
Guess who celebrated with him?

Elder Cox!!!!

Aren't they so cute? Even if Trammell's hat does look like it's on fire!

We had NO idea that they lived in the same apartment. I knew that Trammell & Elder Da lived with another companionship, but I assumed they were Cambodian.

Elder Anderson and his companion speak Vietnamese. He wrote home that he lived with some cool Khmer elders. His mom recognized Trammell.

Looking at the picture, I have to wonder.........

Are those the "Cars" Birthday Hats and Cake Decorations that I sent to Tram?

Is that the cake mix and chocolate frosting I sent so that they could make a cake in their rice cooker?

Not that Elder Anderson's mom couldn't send the exact same stuff.

But Trammell HATES, HATES, HATES any kind of fanfare surrounding him...

like the time I hacked into his MySpace account and announced it was his birthday. Or more recently, when I wrote his companion and told him it was Elder Cox's birthday.

Trammell wrote me in the next email and said that his mission president made a new rule that moms aren't allowed to tell anyone when their son's birthday is. :p..... Brat!

1 More Day!


debilyn said...

how fun! what a nice surprise to find an unexpected pic of your son on facebook =)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

What a nice surprise to find. Love the cars stuff :)