Friday, May 1, 2009


Remember last week when I showed you that this
had just been dropped off in my driveway?
It's my NEW ROOF!
Soooo....the roofers showed up Tuesday to tear the old roof off.
It was sooo loud. It sounded like professional wrestlers doing the polka above my head. Plus, it was a super windy day and I kept expecting to see one of the workers dive past my office window, having been blown off the roof. But they weren't working on that part of the house. So I can only assume that no one died.
They tore off about 1/2 the roof in one day.
Then they secured their tool belts to the roof, stored their ladders under some trees, parked their dump truck by the side of the house and left.
I sooo could have predicted this.
What is it about contractors?
Do they have some secret plan to work one day and take two off?
Do they learn that at roofng/plumbing/electrical school?
Was that in the fine print of the contract that I didn't read?
They can't blame it on the weather! Today is the most gorgeous day of all - blue skies, 75, and a slight breeze.
I know they aren't on someone else's roof. Their tools are all nailed down to mine! I could hop up there and start tearing the roof off myself.....except I am in kitten heels and a skirt.
Helloooooo? Did I miss something? Is it a holiday? Like Primero de Mayo? Roshashana? Ramadan? Pioneer Day?
Wait..........I bet they have Swine Flu!
I don't care what holiday it is or if they are attending the funeral for a cousin (the one who fell off the roof). So help me, they better show up tomorrow!


Amy Pickledpigsfeet said...

I think your roofers must be from Kentucky. It's Oaks Day there. No school, lots of businesses closed and lots of partying going on. If you want to put on some jeans and shoes I'll come help you put on the new roof. It'll be a breeze since they left the cool toys, but I don't think I'd be willing to give them back.

valerie said...

Oooh I so feel your pain! I hate rude construction workers. Hmmm...everyday they don't work, is less I pay them.