Thursday, May 7, 2009


Evidently, my nephew, Mr. Chunkers got a hold of his mom’s cell phone the other day.

I was on my way home from the temple to change for a lacrosse game and received this TEXT:

“Hey auntie. R u out of the temple yet? Is ur lax game canceled? I need a fix.”

I immediately texted back:

“Mr. Chunkers! Don’t let your mom know you are texting! I’m coming to your house in 10 minutes!”

Mr. Chunkers: “She has me trapped in the car with her making me run errands. I won’t b home for at least 30 mins.

ME: “She is so mean. I have to go to lax at 4.”

Mr. Chunkers: “dang it! I will take a bath and b ready when u r thru. When will this lax crap end? it is interfering with ur visitations."

ME: "I miss you too Mr. Chunkers."

"PS you probably shouldn’t say dang it and crap when you are 9 weeks old because it will lead to worse language when you are 9 months old."

Mr. Chunkers: "Good point. U shud hear my dad."

"Ps im 10 weeks.”


Amy Pickledpigsfeet said...

Mr Chunkers is a talented 10 week old. Hopefully lax will be over will soon and he can get much more time with his Aunt.

Missty said...

yeah that texting starts early. lol. I just posted about a text I had with spencer this morning.

valerie said...

lol Cute! Man he's good. I can barely even text myself.

H.K. said...

Oh, I love it!!!! Hopefully Mr. Chunkers has unlimited text in his phone plan, it seems like he's going to be sending lots of texts.

Jenner said...

How did he get a hold of my phone without me knowing it? Good thing he is so cute!! His aunt is pretty cute too!