Wednesday, May 20, 2009

FOOD for 1,000......If It Doesn't Kill You, It Will Make You Stronger!

So……….Prom is over and After Prom is over and I finally unloaded the coolers and bowls and trays from the car.
NOW – I can show you the super secret decorations and reveal the theme…except that I can’t remember!
Oops! Can you believe it? It was something like “Eastern Elegance” or “A Night in the Far East” or whatever. But you get the idea. It was something Asian.

Here are pics of the decorations. These pictures do not do it justice. Really, with the lights off, it didn't even look like the high school.
The food went over well. We had plenty.
This is the dragon that we made at the head of our food table. Behind it, 6 tables serpentined through the room and they were loaded with food.
Here is what we served-
3,000 Chick-Fil-A Nuggets with dipping sauces
1,000 Egg Rolls
450 Slices of Pizza
300 Mini Subway Sandwiches
48 large bags of Tortilla Chips with a Nacho Cheese Fountain (almost 5 gallons of fake cheese)
5 large bags of Pretzels
182 Gallons of Movie Theater Popcorn
Fruit Kabobs made from
6 watermelons (cubed)
24 lbs of strawberries
20 lbs of grapes
10 lbs of canteloupes & honeydew
15 dozen Brownies
50 dozen Cookies
9 large boxes of Mini Donuts
8 lbs of Cheese cubes
8 large boxes of Triscuits and Wheat Thins
12 Costco sized bags of Skittles
9 giant sized bags of M&M’s
I've never worked so hard in my life (between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am)....not even at the church cannery!
Look who came to visit just before we turned off the lights and all the kids came! Mr. Chunkers!!!!


H.K. said...

The decorations are amazing! I think it's great that the prom was held at the high school. I'm sure the costs of tickets are lower than it being held at a hotel!

Allison Williams said...

WOW thats a lot of work!! If I ever have to feed 1,000 people I now know what to serve and who to call ;)

martyeaster said...

Man if I would have know there was so much good food going to be there then I would have bought a ticket and snuck out after the fam was asleep and see what was left. Dont tell jill I said that. It looks really good and Mr. Chunkers is groing just like Ize, fast and big!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Oh H.K. this is just AFTER PROM. The actual dance is $35 and is held at Invesco in where the Denver Broncos play. But this little after party only costs $5 and that includes all the food, professional pics, bouncy houses, caricature drawing, casino etc.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Wow. Better you than me. That's all I can say.

Oh and the thought of a cheese dip fountain, eww! ;)

valerie said...

You must have a huge school! All your food sounds yummy and your party lot's of fun! Now go take a nap! :)

Melissa said...

That is craziness! I would have loved to have seen the decorations first-hand! (Oh, and also eaten the food first-hand).