Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I took a little break from my crazy life and had a mellow weekend….

so mellow, I don’t remember it.

But I had time to ponder and reflect on several things:

1) Why for the past 12 years, do we look forward to Memorial Day as the opening of the pool? It doesn’t matter if the kids are 5 or 15. Everyone anticipates the weekend and clears the calendar. And EVERY year, it is rainy and 55. Yesterday was no exception.

2) Why is it that when you finally find a CUTE swimsuit, they don’t have your size?

3) Why if ONE helping of my favorite food (like mashed potatoes and cupcakes) is an appeteaser and TWO helpings is satisfying…………why do I eat THREE? Three always makes you sorry.

4) Why does working in the yard and cleaning the garage make the entire inside of the house a mess?
5) Why does Garrett cleaning out his car = 3 loads of laundry?

6) Why do people run? And why do they run a 10K race with 60,000 people? I think I was the only one in the ward not to run the Bolder Boulder yesterday. Did I miss a General Conference talk? Is it a new commandment?

7) Why, if the kids have taken their AP exams and the teacher has given the final because most of the students were seniors, why do we still have school?

That sums up the deep thoughts I had when I was spraying weed killer along the driveway and the ditch just hours before the rain storm washed it all away. I hope your Memorial Day was equally thought-provoking!


valerie said...

This is the first Memorial weekend that we have actually had nice weather in years. You wanted to hear that didn't you? My boys have a way of hanging on to laundry till the very last pair of socks are dirty and then bringing it all out in giant pile.

Melissa said...

I just want you to know that even though I have started "working out" at curves, I am still very opposed to running. You were not the only one in the ward not to run the Boulder Bolder. Or whatever it is.

H.K. said...

Your thought provoking questions had me thinking! Somehow running a marathon has become a big thing in our ward too, I think I'm the only woman who has not run a half marathon!

Don and Kelley said...

I have to agree with you about #1. I am from CT and it rained every Memorial Day. Getting our pool ready was a waste! As for #6 running is a mental illness! Come on, I run marathons, you can't tell me I am not crazy! Who does that to themselves? I do and I love it. Crazy! #7, I know!!!!

Rachael said...

#6--If you broke a commandment, then I did too. Michael's whole family runs the BB every year, and I continue to avoid it. The idea of paying money to run (ew!), is beyond me!

Allison Williams said...

Oh that's to bad about the suit!! I was really hoping somebody would get it cause I sure can't!!!