Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aging Badly but Rice-A-Roni Should Help!

Can you believe its Tuesday?  Again?
Where does the time go?

Well it's time to have some fun with RaNDom THouGHT TueSDaY!

Spit out your own random on your blog and then go on over to Keely's at The Unmom and link up.  It's fun!  I promise!

*What the heck?  I was looking in the mirror (big mistake) and what did I see?
Well of course, there was the usual crow's feet.
But to add insult to injury, I have a ZIT! 
Come on! One or the other.  One or the other.
But not both!!!!

* You know what I have been craving?
Get ready........it's not a cupcake or donut.
I have been dying for Rice-A-Roni...........the San Fransisco treat.
Is it even rice?
It's like pasta mixed with rice.
So right after I had my chocolate cake for breakfast, I whipped up some of that!

* Today, an insurance inspector is coming.
She wants to make sure that we aren't living in a 2 bedroom house and claiming it's more, paying for lots of insurance and the burning the mother down for the insurance money.
Or vice versa - saying we live in a tent and paying $20 a year to avoid paying more.
So you know, she's just coming in for a looksee.
But I woke up in a panic in the middle of the night.
Remember when I ripped the chirping smoke detector down and stuffed it in the laundry room cupboard?
I better get that back out!
AND put it back up.
My room has a cathedral ceiling and I can't reach to actually screw it back in.
Do you think she'll notice if it's just dangling?

* My arms are killing me.
We went bowling with the kids on Saturday.
It was SOOOO much fun.
I can't believe I lost.
Afterall, I took bowling my senior year in college - to fulfill my PE requirement.
I took it because a) you didn't have to change clothes and b) I didn't want to sweat.
Anyway, Sunday, Brian said, "Wow, my arms really hurt from bowling."
I responded with sympathy, "Not mine!  Mine don't hurt!"
I woke up Monday with hurting arms.

* I told Garrett that AN inspector was coming to see the house so he needed to clean his room.
His eye narrowed suspiciously, "What kind of inspector?"
Me: "Well, one from the insurance company."
Garrett: "It's not a HEALTH inspector mom!"

I tried.

Well, I'm off.  I have to go put up the smoke detector and CLEAN for the insurance lady! ;)
I can't help myself!
Happy TueSDaY!


valerie said...

Happy cleaning! :)

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Zits and wrinkles- Welcome to my world! I'm glad your branching out on breakfast foods. Rice-A-Roni is a great addition to the cookies or cake and coke you usually eat!

Small Town Mommy said...

I have zits and wrinkles too. I keep thinking my body will make up its mind but so far, no luck. Good luck with the insurance inspector. I would totally clean too.

Mama Badger said...

Dude, we don't have a cleaning lady because PB felt he'd have to clean before she got here. Kills me.

Mrsbear said...

Chocolate cake for breakfast?! You're living the dream! ;)

I took bowling in middle school, we actually had to learn how to score it manually, but we'd get to go on weekly field trips to the bowling alley, which has since been demolished. It was quite a seedy little establishment if I remember it right...

There ought to be a law against zits on crow's feet.

otin said...

I love Rice a Roni. I can eat it by itself.

I wonder why your posts are not showing up in my reader? I need to look into that.

I love bowling, but am so up and down with my scores. I always seem to grab the wrong balls! hahaha!

Christina said...

I just try to pretend its normal to have wrinkles and zits. Yes, I live in Denial.

I took a smoke detector down too. Honestly, I can't remember where I threw... I mean hid it.

Charlotte said...

Health inspector? That is funny!

I took racquetball in college and then, when I took my husband at the end of the semester (he had never played), he still beat me. Badly.

Melissa said...

First of all, did you know that Rice-a-Roni turns into jello when chilled? Also, why is it that those darn smoke detectors always start chirping in the middle of the night? Why can't they do it in the daytime? Jacob had to get up and take them ALL down the other night because we couldn't figure out which one was making the noise!

martyeaster said...

If you need me to I can come over Gina. Maybe dont tell Garrett it is me just say a County Health Inspector. Let me know.