Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Welcome to my world.
Let me share TWO recent conversations with Garrett -

G- "I'm going to go get some protein powder to make protein shakes."
Me - "Okay, just don't get anything with anything crazy in it."
G- "Crazy?"
Me - "Yeah, like steroids."
G- "Duh!"
Me -"Or creatine."

An hour later
G- "Taste this mom."
Me -"No. No way."
G- " Just taste it."
Me - "Nope.  I hate regular chocolate shakes.  The only way I'll taste it is if it tastes like Texas Sheet Cake."
G- "It does.  Just taste it."
Me - "No cuz you don't even like it."
I pick up the ginormous bottle

In addition to the 31 grams of protein it has 940 calories per drink and......wait......what?  Creatine
Me -"Garrett!  This has creatine in it!"
G- "I know.  They all did.  I couldn't find one without creatine."
Me - "Well of course they all did.  You went to GNC.  That's like going to the medical marijuana store and being shocked that their is pot in the brownies and pot in the cookies and pot in the cigarettes."
G- "But the guy said that this one has the lowest amount and it would only be bad if you drank like six shakes a day."

Forget the creatine. Who would want the 6,000 calories a day.  Since he can barely stomach one.  I'm not going to worry.

Last night, I'm reading peacefully in bed.
G- "Mom, does Expo marker come off stuff?"
M- "What stuff?"
G- "Like, say a vase or something.  You know - it's dry erase marker.  So shouldn't it come off?"
M- "What vase?  What?"
G- "I'm just wondering.  Every time I pass by this vase

I want to draw a smiley face on it."
Me - "NO!  Don't draw on it!"
G- "How about on the back, in case it doesn't come off."
Me - "NO!"

It's kind of like 10 years ago when he "etched" a smiley face into my new crockpot.  When I retired that crockpot last year, I gave it a good scrub down and discovered that the smiley face wasn't really etched it, it was ball point pen and with a little muscle, it came off.  I'm kind of sorry I scrubbed it off. But, no, you can't draw a smiley face with a dry erase marker on my new vase!  Oh and at least he asked this time.


Mama Badger said...

I agree with him. It could use a little something. And tell him, no, Expo marker only comes off dry erase boards. Otherwise it's a regular marker... Go ahead, ask us how we know.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

How you survive your life is beyond me. I thought I had it bad when my daughter put stickers on the hardwood floors.

I'd like to hear Mama Badger knowledge of the marker story!

Mrs4444 said...

That is really cute; I love your kid. My Kyle bought a protein shake mix like that once, too. And notice I wrote "once." He hated it, too.

Qoddess said...

You've been quoted!