Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm in heaven!  By playing along with Mrs. 4444, I get to do TWO brain dumps every there is that much in my brain!

Anyway, go on over to Half Past Kissin' Time and join in on the Friday Fragments!
So here we go-
* Guess what I am having for breakfast?  My choices were: German Chocolate Brownie, Snickerdoodles or Triple Berry Pie.  I forgot that I don't like brownies and bought the German Chocolate Brownie because it looked so good.  How shocked was i when it tasted all chocolatey and gooey like a brownie.  After two teeny bites, I left it on the counter with a note, "Boys, you can split this."  So that leaves the Snickerdoodles and the pie.  Mmm Mmmm.

* We have BIG weekend plans.  Not really.  But I'm psyching myself up for some fun!   Brian and I are going to go see Ryan Schupe and The Rubberband tonight. 

* Garrett is going on a 50 mile bike ride for no apparent reason.  What a weirdo!  He and a friend just decided to ride the Cherry Creek Bike Trail.  Of course the most important thing is food along the way.  He came in and asked Brian what restaurants are near the path...........and I don't think he means Burger Kings and Taco Bells.  I think he's thinking more along the lines of Maggianos and Elways Steak House.

* Garrett will also be spending the weekend "jail breaking" all of his friends IPhones and ITouchs.  Yeah - so it violates the warranty..........but you can add 1,000's more apps.  Where are your priorities?

* Parker is the only smart one in the bunch.  He will spend his entire weekend sleeping and playing.

* I'm taking Mr. Chunkers to his first birthday party ever!  His "friend" is turning 1.  Won't it be hilarious to see one year olds ignore each other and eat cake?

* You are going to be so jealous!  Margaret from Facts from a Fact Woman
made me this really cool button

for my silly Monday feature.  Go here or here and see what Ridiculudicrous is all about.  But come back on Monday and play along.

Have a great Friday!


Rachael said...

Have fun at Ryan Shupe. Ryan Tilby (one of the band members) is my good mission friend!

Javan said...

Go for the Triple Berry Pie. It is obviously healthy for you because it has not just one kind of berry, but three! And berries are full of anti-oxidents. And we're all supposed to ear more fruit.

martyeaster said...

I cant wait to see chunkers and the birthday girl stare awkwardly at each other. At least she started to walk by herself so maybe they can cruise around. I told her that she needs to start walking or he may start looking else where for a potential wife. And off she went.

valerie said...

lol. I like Javan's way of thinking. Yes go for the triple berry. Triple the good for you!

Cop Mama said...

This is my first time here. Who's Mr. Chunkers?

Your boys are adorable. I have two myself, 1 and 3.

Happy Fragment Friday!

Stefany said...

Ooh, have fun!

I can't believe you don't like brownies. That sounds so freaking amazing.

Big Mama Cass said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

...wait... Elway has a steakhouse? Where is it? NomNom!

Unknown Mami said...

To bad I wasn't around to help with the brownie.

The button is awesome!

mean_owen said...

A one-year old party might be ok, as long as you like the other parents. Our kids are almost out of the b-day party years, and I have to say that I won't miss them (the parties, not the kids).

Raven said...

I'd go for the Snickerdoodles, but it's a near tie, I love them both.

50 mile bike ride! Wow, that's motivation!

Cool button! Can't wait to see what you have on Monday!

Mrs4444 said...

That jailbreaking thing sounds like something I should learn about!

Pie-Loaded with antioxidants, right?!

I would love a mellow weekend--I'm EXHAUSTED.

The bike ride sounds fun to me!