Thursday, January 7, 2010

The THINKER Tickles My Funny Bone

It's Writer's Workshop.

Anyone can play along.
Just go visit Mama Kat and check out the prompts.

I chose prompt number quattro -
4.) Choose the 7th picture you took from last January and write a poem
THIS is going to be good.

Went pack to January.
Went to the 7th pic.
And voila -

I am writing some haiku's of REAL things this child has said
in just the last few days.
When the weekends come, I don't need to spend lots of money on entertainment.
I get FREE entertainment right here at home -  all day every day.

Here goes:
When he came home from school Tuesday -

"For dinner let's have -
Wednesday: cracked crab legs
Thursday: hot curry"

When I ignored the request, his response was a 5 syllable, "Helllllllooooooooo?"

Everyday, upon arriving home from school, I hear this -

Door open, door shut
"G muny, G muny, Guh Guh G
Muny in da house"

"Shalom!  Shalom! Hey!
Mom, I'm home.  What's there to eat?
Mom? Anybody home?

Or one day, when they didn't come home but called to explain:

"Hey, Mom, Parker and I
have an appointment right now."
Where?  " Wing Stop"

Or -
"We did your shopping.
We are the best sons ever.
Wait! Who bought Nerf swords?"

Enough Haikus!
Have a great Thursday!


Holly said...

Stopping over from Mama Kat's. I am sure your son loves that photo...I can remember my brother and I saying stuff like that when we were his age. My kiddos are younger, but I can see it coming. Thanks for the chuckle.
Holly @ 504 Main

Mama Badger said...

That photo is awesome sauce. And nerf swords are the best things ever. Happy Thursday.

Ms. Wanda said...

Hi, stopping in from Mama Kat's:) The picture says it all, LMBO!!! Now I know what my 9 year old and 11 year old will be doing in a few years:)

Ms. Wanda

Jeanette said...

Your sons seriously crack me up! Love it!

Jenners said...

OK...that photo is so funny. And your kid is so funny! Free entertainment at home ... what could be better!!

Amy said...

It is good to know that they still say funny things when they get older. Three boys - Whew! I have three little girls.

Thanks for stopping by from Mama Kat's and for your kind words.

Raven said...

That is a fantastically hilarious photo! Great haikus too.

Have a great day!