Friday, January 8, 2010


Last night, Brian's grandmother passed away.

She was 91 and still had her quick wit and wry sense of humor.
But she also missed her beloved husband who had died several years ago.

Gram loved to travel and always appreciated a good papaya on the lanai while watching a sunset.
She enjoyed playing bridge, reading and authored two published books.

Her family had a wonderful time honoring her when her last book Tickled Pink, a collection of four-line verse, was published in 2007.

She loved her children and grandhildren, but she especially loved hearing about her great grandchildren's accomplishments or anytime they gave their parents "a run for their money."

We will definitely miss Gram, but we are happy that she can be reunited with Pops!


Mama Badger said...

Rest in Peace, Gram.

valerie said...

She sounds like she was a really wonderful lady. Hugs and prayers for you family.

Don and Kelley said...

Gina, I am so sorry! She sounded like one great lady!!!!

Shirley said...

Hugs to your family. I love the words of Neal A. Maxwell. "At funerals our tears are genuine, but not because of termination - rather because of interruption. Though just as wet, our tears are not of despair but are of appreciation and anticipation. Yes, for disciples, the closing of a grave is but the closing of a door which later will be flung open with rejoicing."

Raven said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was pretty awesome.

Jessica said...

So sorry to hear this, but I'm so relieved that you all have such pleasant memories of such a wonderful person!