Sunday, January 24, 2010

Relief Society in Cambodia

Relief Society is the main organization for women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was founded in 1842. Today the organization includes more than 5.5 million women ages 18 and older in over 170 countries.

Relief Society sisters meet for an hour every Sunday to study Gospel topics.  But in addition, there are monthly meetings that provide opportunities for women to meet together outside of Sunday meetings and participate in activities such as book clubs, classes on parenting and homemaking skills, service projects and social events.

Here are some pictures from a Relief Society meeting in Battambang, Cambodia.
It will help you to understand that most Cambodians do not have ovens.  They rely on stoves and some have rice cookers to do the majority of their cooking. 
The captions are provided by the Cambodian woman who sent the pictures.

Visiting Teaching

Visiting Teaching

Baking lessons by Mary

Neak Sambath - learning to stir

The first cake the Battambang sisters baked in church... Thanks to Betty Crocker!

Sisters - two "white" and many "tans

I cried when I saw these pictures and I automatically loved these ladies.  Although we are thousands of miles apart and have completely different backgrounds, circumstances and lives, we share the love of the Gospel and the love of Christ. As we meet to discuss Gospel topics and learn new skills and find friendship with one another, we have more in common and less differences than we think.


Cosette said...

way cool blog! Thanks for visiting the Old School.

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Don and Kelley said...

Love it! I might just have to share this with my friend who is the Relief Society President here in my ward. She will love it!

valerie said...

I love how we can be connected and feel the love of "family' all over the world.