Monday, January 11, 2010


Back in the day, if we were going somewhere with friends, we would call "shotgun."
"Shotgun" ended all discussion.

The person who called "shotgun" got the front seat - end of story.
Today, I was taking Parker back to school after his ortho appointment.
Being the incredibly nice  (and not wanting to get arrested for not feeding my child) mom that I am,
we stopped at Subway.
Some other teens were leaving Subway at the same time we were and one yelled:
"Shotgun.  Double Shotgun. No Fighting. No Battling.  No Time Machine."
Seems the rules have changed!

Parker laughed and translated:
Shotgun - I get the front seat.
Double Shotgun - No really, I get the front seat.
No Fighting - No arguing.
No Battling - No getting physical over the front seat.
No Time Machine - The driver can't yell "time machine" thus resetting the time and allowing someone else to call "shotgun."

Thanks Parker! Next time the family goes out to dinner or to run errands together, I'm gonna have to remember that!



Mama Badger said...

Wow, they've made it more complex, huh? I imagine this goes along with, "Punch buggy, no backs!"

Amy said...

Lane has taken to calling shotgun when we go places because my sister lets him & my niece do that in her car. I have to remind him that if there are two adults then the one not driving automatically gets shotgun. There's no way I'm going to sit in the back of the car unless I have to.

Anonymous said...
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McMom said...

My boys call shotgun for everything! Who gets to step out the door first, who gets to use the Wii first, etc. (because heaven forbid they play together). I am so not telling them about Double Shotgun and Time Machine.

Shirley said...

I couldn't stand the whole shotgun thing. The oldest person riding with me got the first choice of sitting in the front seat. If the oldest one didn't want to sit in the front, the next oldest had the choice. It applied when I was just driving my own children and also when I had a van full of wrestlers, tennis players, swimmers, scouts, or Young Women. Saved a lot of arguing. Only problem was my youngest had to wait till everyone left for college before he got to ride in the front. LOL

Brandy said...

WOW - I'm old. i didn't know there were new rules.

Terra H. said...

Wow, that's taking it to a whole new level! By the time you're done spewing out all those words, the driver may have very well just given up and left you all...or at least I would.