Friday, January 22, 2010


I am so cheating!
As if RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY wasn't enough....
I hooking up with Half-past Kissin' Time to do FRIDAY FRAGMENTS.

What does this say about my life?
I'll tell you about my life right about now -

* I just hefted a two ton, 12 foot Christmas tree down to the basement and shoved it in the box.
The box can't be closed and my back is broken.
And so help me, if you make one comment about the fact that I am just now putting the Christmas tree away.....

* Ummm....I can't put away all the boxes of Christmas ornaments in the storeroom because the exploding Christmas tree is taking up all the room.

* Brian invited 30 freshmen over to a party at our house tonight!  Yeah, since he is teaching seminary (early morning bible study) to 30 freshmen, he decided to "get to know them" with a little party.  I hope they don't open the store room door!

* Brian has a fix-it man coming to look at his projector...the one he uses for work powerpoints and stuff.  And the fix-it man just happened to mention that he used to fix Mitsubishi TVs.  He also claimed that there is NOTHING on a Mitsubishi TV he can't fix.  NOoooooooooo..........  What if he looks at our TV that broke two minutes before Christmas and can fix it for like 39 cents?  What will we do with the new TV we bought 1 minute before Christmas?  Don't say, "Put it in the storeroom."

* Do you know how happy I am that it is now 2nd semester?  Yep, we're on the third day of the new semester and so far, my brainiacs have straight A's!  I doubt I'll post their grades every week.

* Brian picked up two donuts for me this morning: a chocolate twist and a maple cake.
I ate the chocolate twist.
Guess what I am doing with the maple cake?
Seriously, if you don't know....go here.

* Wow, am I glad it's Friday........even if I have to clean the house for that party.  Phew!


valerie said...

Your staring at that maple cake donut aren't you? Be nice. Share the donut. :)

Stephdeezy said...

I say the tree if anything made it cozier :) I always like to know the random silly things you are doing so yay for Friday Fragments! Reading your blog makes me feel like I did something. When really it was just you ;)

won said...

What is it with the trees and the boxes?

I wonder if anyone has ever had one go back in properly AND close. I know I haven't.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I do think the answer to the hoarding issue is to just share... so slide those Sees candies my way already!

Jenn said...

At least your tree has a box. I talked Josh into buying on without just BEFORE we got married. That was before he could say "NO!" We had to buy this crazy so-called Christmas tree bag from Costco to house the stupid thing. It was such an ordeal, the black blob just might not come out of the garage for next Christmas.

Margaret said...

You can give the 2nd tv to me!!!!

Rachael said...

Have fun with the freshman. One good thing about a teeny tiny house is that no large freshman groups can be invited here.

Amy said...

Our tree is still waiting to be put into the store room. I'm considering just hanging pink and red hearts on it and calling it a Valentine's tree.

Mrs4444 said...

I still have some decorations up. No one has noticed yet, though.

Aren't fragments fun? I love unloading all that miscellaneous. Thanks for joining in :)

On one hand, as a teacher, I'm thrilled that 2nd semester is underway. On the other hand, though, as the mom of a senior, I'm not so thrilled. Mostly, though, I'm happy :)