Friday, January 22, 2010


What is a "tender mercy?"
It's a little miracle, a gift from God, a blessing, something to let you know that a) He exists and b) He cares about you.

Sometimes when good things happen, we consider ourselves "lucky" or call it a coincidence.
In my mind, it's God sharing joy with you and maye making your path a little bit smoother because He loves you.

There have been countless tender mercies associated with Trammell's mission.

I knew (or had the faith and trust) that the Lord would watch out and protect Trammell in Cambodia.
Little did I know that the Lord would look out for me too.

My new friend is just one example.
I have been blessed to receive phone calls, emails and notes from his various companion's parents.
How comforting to know that someone else has a 19-21 year old 14 time zones away in a 3rd world country.
They have shared pictures and stories with me.
No, they aren't pictures of Trammell, but they are pictures of the country and the people that help me picture what my son is doing and where he is.

One mom called and told me she was able to talk to Trammell.
Her son was sick and she was able to talk to him (and Trammell) on a speaker phone.
I wasn't jealous that she got to talk to him.
I was filled with gratitude that she shared.
And for that one day, I knew he was happy and healthy and "sounded" good.

Some couples who are serving in Cambodia have blogs that they have shared.
Once again, their blogs have nothing to do with Trammell, but they share their mission experiences, which I assume are similar to Trammell's.

Complete strangers have contacted me with pictures and stories of their travels to Cambodia and how they met Trammell, took a picture, got my email and forwarded it to me.
Thank you!

Sometimes, I "just happen" to be at my computer on Tuesday night, his Wednesday morning, when he is writing us our weekly email.  We will spend sometime emailing back and forth in a short question and answer period.  It's like IM-ing but takes a lot longer. I imagine him sitting in an internet cafe with old computers waiting for our messages to travel across the world.

These are gifts.
These are evidences that Heavenly Father cares about me, one mom.
And He understands my love and concern for my son.
In His mercy, He extends comfort to me in miraculous little ways so that my faith and knowledge can be reaffirmed that Trammell is in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

It's not just me.
All of us can see the Lord's hand in our lives every day.
He loves us all.


valerie said...

Thank you for sharing all you do about Trammell on his mission. I hope that when my boys go on theirs that someone will be as nice and share with me how you've found have shared with you.

McMom said...

Thanks for sharing this. My mom tells me that sending her sons on missions was one of the hardest thing she's ever done. I have 3 boys, why did she tell me that??? It's good to know I will have so many tender mercies to look forward to while they're gone.

Tiffany said...

thanks for sharing, Gina. you touched my heart today with your words.