Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi, I'm Gina and I'm a hoarder.
Not this kind of hoarder -

but this kind -
I KNOW!  It's two cookies!
Here's the thing.
You know how I LOVE cookies and cupcakes and special treats.
I can't help myself.
The two cookies are the perfect example of my illness.
Brian took me to the cookie store on Friday.
I was hungry for about 1/3 of ONE cookie.
I bought two - one molasses and one sugar.
I ate about 1/3 of the molasses cookie.
I SHARED part of the molasses cookie with Brian.......which is HUGE-
the fact that I shared...........not the cookie.
Part of my illness is that I HATE TO SHARE!
Hate it!
What did I do with the sugar cookie?
I put it on my desk and SAVED it!
I saved it until it became stale and now I have to throw it out!
Hmmm..........and therein lies the problem.
It's not bad to buy two cookies if you are going to EAT two cookies.
I buy the two cookies so that I can take comfort in knowing that IF I want a cookie, I have a cookie.
The problem...........I really don't want a cookie THAT often (maybe THAT's my sickness!  I should want more cookies.)

Anyway, I do it with other treats as well.
Brian and I went to Sees Candy on Saturday.
We hand-picked a pound of our favorites.
It's been FIVE days.
I have eaten ONE.
I don't really like chocolate.
One piece could do me for a few weeks.
So why do I buy the pound?
To save for eternity in my bedside table until a) Brian eats his half  and b) after refusing to share withmy children who come in at night and stand by the bed and ask, "Can I have a piece of See's?" I will c) wait two months and throw it all out.

Las night, some wonderful people brought me some cupcakes:
three to be exact - one for ME, one for Brian and one for Parker.
Brian knows me, so he grabbed his and ate it.
I never told Parker about the cupcakes.
So, I will probably eat one and watch the other one.
It just makes me happy knowing there is a cupcake in the house.

Wow!  I have issues.
Admit it - there are worse things to hoard!
Admit it - YOU hate to share!
Admit it - you have something special that you are hoarding in your bedside table!

(ooohhh..........those aren't even mine.  I stole them from Brian's Christmas stocking.)


Rachael said...

1. I love the show Hoarders.
2. Being a Mom turns you into a hoarder.
3. I love your nightstand drawer.

valerie said...

Your drawer looks like hubbys sock drawer. He hoards all sorts of goodies in there. Shhhh don't tell him though I know all about it.

Amy said...

I can't hoard in this house. Every time I try to hide anything for later consumption it is found. When we move I want a secret room or something that I can put things in.

Ellie Belen said...

Your hoarding food because you know that when it all goes down, you'll be the only one with tradable goods.

I will like to make an offer on the chocolate covered whatever those are.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Whatever is wrong with you needs to be wrong with me. Saving sweets until they're stale? I have never had that problem but my hips tell me I should. :-)

McMom said...

I see nothing wrong with this. You are obviously just working on your year's supply of food.

kys said...

I have the opposite problem. I eat it all right away.

And then I buy some more.

Shirley said...

LOL I don't have any trouble with hoarding goodies. I eat them too fast.

I also hate to share. It's all my mother's fault. : )

Momza said...

ha! My husband is the Candy Man...he's always got goodies stashed somewhere. I know it, the kids know it. And we love it!

Pammie said...

I tend to buy multiple boxes of Little Debbie Cakes. I never eat all of them. If they would sell a box of mixed cakes, because I like variety, I would probably eat the whole box. However since they don't, I buy a box of each and end up only eating one from each box before they become stale. Thank goodness my kids don't like them or they'd have sugar problems. They prefer beef jerky. (They get that habit from their dad. I prefer sweets.)