Monday, January 25, 2010


It's Monday.  It's time for RIDICULUDICROUS lyrics (that your children shouldn't be listening to).

Today's lyrics are provided by Young Money.
Young Money is a compilation of idiots headed by Lil Wayne.
It's acutally a record label founded by him and is an offshoot of Cash Money Records.

If you are young and stupid and not feelin college, or even high school,
but you can rhyme, don't even have to rhyme,
you should talk to Lil Wayne.
If you can get him to "do" a song with're in.

and who wouldn't want to hang out with these intelligent, good looking, upstanding citizens!

So the Young Money song that shows incredible brilliance is "BEDROCK."
I'm not providing you with the video or the complete lyrics because it a) doesn't make any sense and b) is complete trash.

But I can't help but laugh at the chorus-
"Ooh (ooh) baby,
I be stuck to you,
like glue (glue) baby,
wanna spend it all on you (you).
My room is the g spot,
Call me Mr. Flintstone.
I can make your Bed Rock (ooh).
I-I-I I can make your Bed Rock."

Woooooo.....I can't stop laughing!

1.) Who wants a boyfriend that looks like Mr. Flintstone?

He was always kind of an idiot, chauvinistic fat slob.
2)Bed Rock?  Bedrock?  Okay - kudos for that!  That IS funny! 

Do teenagers even know what they are listening to?


valerie said...

I'm not saying that song has one because I don't think I've even heard it but, I hate when a song has a pretty good beat going for it and then finally the words start sinking and your like what the heck? Ruins it!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I haven't heard that one before. I don't think teenagers care what they listen to.

(I'm having flashbacks of Insane in the Membrane. Hello high school!)

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I hate that song but it does make me laugh!!!!

Charlotte said...

I think I'm lucky that I don't listen to the radio very often and my kids have yet to enjoy any hip hop (or is it rap? I am out of the loop here.)

Stephdeezy said...

so should I tell you now or later that I fall into the category of "do they even know what they are listening too?" What can I say I love me some Lil Wayne and hey if it's mixed in with Young Money than I'll take that!