Tuesday, May 11, 2010


You, me and Ozzy Osborne!
Get on the CRaZY TRaiN!

It's May and I don't care who you are,
if you have kids, you have CRaZY!
May is crazier than December
-with all the end of year banquets, award ceremonies, teacher appreciation, prom, graduations, weddings, holidays, birthdays, carivals, extravaganzas, galas, orgies, riots, funerals!
Okay, I just threw in the last few.
You get the idea.

So, take a break and link up with The UnMom for some RaNDoM TueSDaY FUN!
* I hope everyone had a spectacular Mother's Day!
I told Brian not to get me anything.

I didn't want him to waste money on stuff I don't really need,
when I "need" the money to waste on clothes for the Beverly Hills wedding we are going to next week.
If anyone is going to pick out things to waste money on - its going to be me!
I just need to pick up five or 10 outfits for the Welcome Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Beverly Hills City Tour, Wedding, Reception, After Party in the Penthouse and the Brunch following the after party.

Good thing I'm not going to be there Thursday night for "Tranny Bingo" because I have NO idea what I would wear to that.

* My house smells like a funeral parlor (who said there wouldn't be a funeral in May?)
The official -"You can plant your flowers because there will be no more killer frosts but the deer are now out to eat your plantings" day in Colorado is Mother's Day.
Didn't we just have that?
So why are we getting 1-2 FEET of snow tonight?

Good thing I didn't plant those flowers!
Good thing I set them outside each day and then drag them back in at night!

* Brian did give me one super duper wonderful gift though.
He hired the painter to come and paint my baseboards tomorrow.
Seriously - how cool is that?
I don't know about you guys, but I would much rather have my baseboards painted than..........

well anything.
And for once, I am NOT being sarcastic.

* Poor Parker.
He needs a summer job.
He's only 15.  If he were a tall 15 year old, he could pull it off.
But who is going to hire a 15 year old who looks 10?
Maybe he ould draw on a mustache.
In an effort to "encourage" him,
Garrett came up with several brilliant employment ideas:
Midget Meals - Big meals by a small guy.
Midget Mowing - Taking care of the little details.
Parker sighed, "Does everything have to have the word 'Midget' in it?"

No, No it doesn't.
Garrett suggested that Parker could be a video game tutor.
There are TONS of parents fretting about how to get little Johnny a nuke on Call of Duty.
Parker can ease that anxiety!

* The highlight of Mother's Day was talking to Trammell in Cambodia.
He sounds..........like himself!
He sounds AWESOME!

We all gathered around the phone and spent and hour chatting.
He sounds great.  He is happy.
He wraps up his mission and we pick him up in about 2 months.
Well - how fun was that RaNDoM?  The fun never ends!
Have a great Tuesday!


Pollyanna said...

My annual Mother's Day gift is supposed to be a trip to Lowe's to pick out Spring flowers, but it didn't happen this weekend because of the frost warnings :(

Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Heather :D said...

oh wowww. lololol.

and not the kind of lol that you say because you don't really have anything to say :D:D:D

kendrasue said...

I told my hubby not to get me anything either. I bought myself a tanning package instead! I can waste money on myself easily enough!

McMom said...

I think I will suggest video game tutor as a summer job for my 13 year-old. Although he does have a real mustache, he is too skinny to push the lawnmower, and he can only cook Ramen noodles, so video game tutor is perfect!

Raven said...

I'm glad you had a great mother's day. I never tell people not to get me anything, mainly cuz I always need something!

Have a great Tuesday!

Mrsbear said...

My fifteen year old wants to get a job this summer too, I just don't know how much luck she's going to have. Hopefully not much, considering I'm likely to be her taxi service...

So May is the month for orgies, huh? Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Love your random stuff, especially the reference to Ozzy.

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
My hubby won't hire anyone to do anything, but he also doesn't want to do it himself. But, I've learned that if I attempt to do a project on my own he will swoop in and finish it so I don't mess it up... I use this knowledge to my advantage very regularly:-)

Dawn said...

I'm not entirely sure that I would want to attend 'Tranny Bingo' either...whatever would you wear?

Sounds like you had a very nice Mother's Day!

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

May IS crazy! We have at least one birthday party to go to every single weekend. What the heck?! I hope it doesn't get any crazier than that, or my bank account may cancel ME.

And what the heck is Tranny Bingo? Sounds strange, but I'm also slighty intrigued...

H.K. said...

I'm so glad that you got to talk to your son on Mother's Day- I'm sure that was the highlight for you!